Effects of Pandemic on Education

Nobody can deny the fact that the 2019 pandemic was a life changer for everyone. Nothing remained unaffected by the deadly disease. From health to wealth it destroyed everything. Education got hit by it badly. Schools, Universities, and all institutes were closed for a long time.  Education shifted online but the bitter truth is more than 50% of students were not satisfied with that, and the load shedding further made it difficult for most of the students. Even parents had to buy devices for their children at the most difficult time of survival. The majority has 3-4 children, and they all need separate devices at the same time. Hundreds of people were fired from their jobs and so, their children were unable to continue their studies. There were millions of problems, and the fun fact is even the university students could not understand the lectures properly. Now, we can imagine the condition of school students. Innocent primary school students and their parents suffered too.

There were lots of tasks given as homework after online classes which most students got done by someone else. Education just became a heavy load on every student’s shoulders. Then, the lockdown was lifted and institutes were reopened after a long gap with SOPs and half attendance. The students got used to the “only studying and not giving exams” routine. They all faced trouble in that phase as well. Education became a burden. In that scenario, education was not considered as a source of knowledge but only a difficult task which most students completed with others' help. Knowledge is the most essential thing to spend a successful life. If we lack basic concepts and knowledge we will not be able to conquer life challenges. The students during the pandemic situation were studying just to complete a temporary task. Their concepts are not getting clear. They all are suffering now and will suffer in the future as well if the situation doesn't get better. The on and off system of physical classes just ruined their regularity in their studies. The online system made them dependent on others.

The definition of Education seems changed. Today's students can't even explain what they have studied during this period. We need to understand that completing a scheduled syllabus is not necessary at this time. Teach them only four lessons instead of eight but make sure that all students have understood it well. When nothing is moving on its usual road then why we are rushing to complete the usual syllabus. Teach them less than half but teach them properly. Don't ruin their future. The way students got happy on the news of schools closure tells us that what Education means to them. Pandemic's effects on education are worst. It's been more than a year but the solution to this pandemic is still undiscovered. Exams got canceled last year, and students are praying for this year to be canceled again. They are getting more involved in other activities and distancing themselves from their studies. The worth of physical classes has been known now. We can only pray for this to be end soon and everything can get back to normal.

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Posted: 05 Apr 2021

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Wonderful. You wrote beautifully. Irrespective of the pandemic crisis, an educational revival or reform is the need of the hour in this country.
() (1172 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes ago)


Thanks Shawk! It means alot.
() (1171 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes ago)


Exactly, Education suffered a lot because of the pandemic.
() (1171 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes ago)