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رشتوں کی اہمیت

اِس دنیا میں ہر قسم کے لوگ ملتے ہیں مطلب امیر بھی اور غریب بھی۔ آج میں جس لڑکی کی کہانی سنانے لگی ہوں اُس کی جگہ میں خو...

(Posted 13 Apr 2021 By Ayesha )

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مجبوری کی ایک نہیں ہےبہت سی اقسام ہیں، کچھ مجبوریاں حالات کی وجہ سے پیدا ہوتی ہیں تو کچھ کو ہم خود بنا لیتے ہیں جن م...

(Posted 16 Mar 2021 By Ayesha )

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Losing a loved one hurts really bad, but one just need to move on and heal from such event. In this post, different me...

(Posted 02 Mar 2021 By AjayiAdedapo )

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A Proposal

A short scene of a proposal born out of my imagination. Seathal and Karan, the cousins by relations - meeting after a lo...

(Posted 27 Feb 2021 By Nitharshana )

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10 Ways to Impress your Special One

10 main ways that can help you in impressing someone special

(Posted 16 Feb 2021 By Misbah )

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Real vs Fake Friend

Some points that might help to identify real and fake friends.

(Posted 26 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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People LOVE and they LEAVE

We want a love that consumes us, we want to be in a healthy relationship with that person, and above all, we want that r...

(Posted 21 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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Every one of us is stuck between HOLDING ON and LETTING GO.

(Posted 14 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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End the Pain of a BREAKUP & Heal Yoursel...

Accept that it’s time to “Move on” in your life. Leave everything behind and just Move on.

(Posted 10 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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Her First Encounter

A girl fall in love with a boy in her college and narrator expresses her feelings or in general feelings of all such per...

(Posted 03 Jan 2021 By Jawad )

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Byes can hurt but trust me, no byes hurt more.

(Posted 26 Dec 2020 By Mubashir )

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Tips for Long-Lasting Friendship

We want friendship with our best friends to last for longer period, but it can be difficult to have one supporting frien...

(Posted 18 Dec 2020 By Misbah )

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What is Friendship & How to be a good fr...

Friendship is the bond of affection between two or more persons.

(Posted 07 Dec 2020 By Misbah )

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