How To Defeat Anxiety during Unemployment?



Unemployment in the U.K.has increased at the rate of 5.1% at this moment. It is said to be the biggest recession of all time that is slow-poisoning every corner of the U.K. in the last three years. Even after Government’s retention scheme, it is hard to evade the condition because of the pandemic. And this joblessness is giving rise to many anxiety and stress-related problems, especially in the young generation.

Mental health consultants say it is a rising problem in the young demographic that needs immediate addressing to stop it from being even dangerous than the recent global outbreak. So, if you have recently lost your job or at the verge of it, take the following pieces of advice to be in a better position in the future.

9 Ways How You Can Tackle The Problem

The financial problem is the biggest during unemployment that gives birth to mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, and panic. In a situation like this, you need to take immediate actions that will ease down your problem. Let’s here find nine effective ways of managing the financial strain in your life-

  1. Apply for employment – A job is the first thing to look for when you are unemployed. In a high-value economic environment like the U.K., you will need some source of income to sustain without debts. If you don’t find a full-time employment opportunity, look for part-time income streams through freelancing, temp agencies, consultancy, online teaching, etc.


  1. Plan your monthly budget – If you have to sustain the limited resource you have, a budget is what you need right now. Creating a financial plan can give you a better sense of control over your pounds. Start by sorting out the necessary expenses and identifying the redundant ones. Gradually, cut off the nonessential expenses from your list.


  1. Take a loan to pay off debts – You may have lost your job amid some ongoing debts, and those happen to trigger your anxiety. So, try and get rid of the debts as soon as you can or consolidate multiple into a single one to reduce your panic. Many web-based personal lenders are willing to offer guaranteed loans for the unemployed. Avail the opportunity to repay the existing ones and after that, you will have to pay only one installment per month.


  1. Practice self-care – The more you will care for yourself, the better will be your mental health. Get into a healthy diet, sleep at least 8 hours a day, binge on entertainment, practice yoga every day --- all these will give your mind and body a boost. With happy hormone secretion, you can feel good and lighter every day.


  1. Break your day into a routine – Unlike the days of employment, you will no longer have a routine to wake up and go to the office every day. Keep in mind that a structured day is essential for any active young mind. Hence, plan a routine for yourself, adding as much work as you can. Start your day with yoga, then freelancing. After that, take time out for your passion like cooking or gardening, get enough sleep, and so on.


  1.  Stay away from unhealthy coping skills – In your depression, you’ll be most likely to get attracted to things like alcohol or any other drugs. But you should know that these can only give you temporary relief. In fact, these are costly affairs as well. So, be aware of inviting new problems while managing the existing ones in life.


  1. Be more social and trending – Social interactions become a vital player when you suffer from FOMO or anxiety or stress-related issues. Being more active on social media can help you get back your lost confidence and companions. You can chat with your social media friends, create events, be part of a Twitter forum, and make reels of your daily life, pick things from your passion like gardening, cooking, or dancing.


  1. Meet a psychology consultant – If you feel like you can meet a professional as well. Speaking your heart out in front of a psychologist is much more comfortable than sharing it with your friends. A psychologist can better understand your issues and comfort you with blissful words. Who knows, you may find a new edge in life post the consultation!


  1. Join new courses – This period of unemployment can prove fruitful for you if you can utilize it in the best way possible. You can join new courses from the comfort of your couch. Improve your skills to add value to your resume. It will thus help you secure a better job in the future with a better pay scale and incentive. You may also get in touch with a career counselor, who will guide you to the right path in life by advising you about the next steps to be taken.

The Bottom Line

By adapting these shreds of advice, you can easily beat the stress in life. Eventually, your emotional distress won’t be your companion anymore, and you’ll be in a better place emotionally. Your confidence and strength will be back with a bang. And, you may end up in a better job than before!

Posted: 29 May 2021

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