We are all fools; we are all idiots; we fall in love too easily; we don’t know how to get over a broken heart; we don’t know how to look on the brighter side of things; we don’t know how to survive; we don’t know the worth of our tears; we don’t know how precious our emotions are; we have all the flaws in the world and they all make us not losers but humans.

Learning isn’t predetermined; it is not a part of our DNA; we learn from experiences and they help us grow stronger. I am not opposed to us, humans, having flaws. What I don’t like is we don’t know how to correct ourselves. Many will say that people are beautiful the way they are, their flaws included but deep inside, we all want to become better; we all want to be a better version of ourselves. Our life is a constant struggle between what we are and what we want to be.

 People say that LOVE is the most divine feeling. It is a gift from God and it is meant to make us better. It is supposed to make our lives better; it is supposed to make the flowers bloom even in the deserts. Love is nothing but an abstraction.  Most of us aren’t even in love; we are in love with the thought of being in love. Protected by the ribcage, lined by fibrous and two layers of the serous pericardium; it’s funny how the heart is still vulnerable to abstractions like LOVE. Many people will disagree on love being just an abstraction; I agree to disagree with them.

I will try my best to prove my point here. Just imagine that a boy is in love with a girl, as usual. He tries his best to get her but he doesn’t succeed. In this whole process of impressing her, his whole life gets messed up; his grades go down; he gets kicked out from work; his family suffers; depression overcomes his life. Now, if I believe that this so-called LOVE is divine, why has it messed up someone’s life? Why has this divine feeling swallowed a happy man and his family with him? Why? If the person is pushed too far, he might go spiral and end his own life. Who is to blame for his loss of life then? Who is to blame? The other person who was just living his own life or this stupid LOVE?

People say that we love the people we love; we can’t do anything about that. I believe them, we love the people we love no matter they love us or not but there is a limit to everything. We can’t force our love upon someone who doesn’t even want to see us. On one hand, you are claiming to love them and on the other hand, you are the reason for messing their life up. There is always a breaking point. We all need to realize sooner or later that, “Enough is enough.” How can you make someone happy whose only reason for being sad is your existence? How can you make someone fall in love with you who thinks that the world is better off without you? How can you live with such a person who aches because of your very existence?

Sooner or later, you have to step back. There is always a point when you need to admire your own existence. Although I believe that love is a malignant tumour, it isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it can make wonders happen but that’s rare and rare indeed. We live in a world where we don’t have time for love. True Love can be good but it isn’t always necessary for survival. We are humans, we survived nuclear wars and environmental changes, I am pretty sure we can survive through this world even without love. What we need are care and respect. Some people might confuse care with love. I can’t change their way of thinking I just want to say that some relations are beyond Love. Someone caring for you isn’t them loving you. There is a difference among liking someone, caring for someone, loving someone and being in love with someone. People can’t define love but there are things even love can’t define.

Love isn’t the only flaw we possess. Sometimes, we care too much; sometimes, we don’t care at all. We make humans gods and make gods look nothing in front of them. We don’t know how to live. We don’t know how to survive but with all the flaws, we are still living; we are still surviving.

We are the best creation of God and we are meant to survive.     

Posted: 03 Jan 2021

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