Mirror, mirror on the wall; who is the best of us all?

Mirror: YOU

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the worst of us all?

Mirror: YOU

You are the best and you are the worst. This concept might seem absurd to some people but it will make sense. You people might be thinking that how you can be the best and worst at the same time. Well, Einstein said, “Everything is relative.” Many of us know about his Theory of Relativity but I will explain it in the simplest ways I can.

Suppose you are standing at a point and your friend is standing half a kilometer away from you. Now, consider an object that starts its journey from your point. You will see that the object is moving away from you but if you ask your friend, he will say that the object is moving towards him.

How is it possible for an object to move in one direction but have different results for two people?

It is possible because of different reference points. Reference points change everything. You explained it according to your reference and your friend explained it according to his. No one is wrong. It’s just basic Physics.

Another example is a house that is at the intersection of two streets. Now, the house is the first and the last based on different points of view.

If we apply this rule to what I said, everything will make sense. Enough of the Physics lesson, I will get to the real point now. You are the best; you are the worst.

Suppose, you decide on the choice of your profession; that profession is best suited for you and is your passion as well but it will not help you financially and your family needs your support. Now, pursuing your passion is making you the best but at the same time, leaving your family in times of need makes you the worst. Some might say that you should do what’s best for you and some might say the other way but I believe that other people’s opinion doesn’t matter at all. It is an ethical debate and I don’t want to get into that. People can choose what’s best for their life.

 At the end of the day, what matters is what you did to yourself not what people did to you. People can be good, people can be bad but what you do in response to them defines you. It defines whether you are best or worst. A thought might occur that if everything is relative; it means we can’t be best all the time.  Yes, we can’t be the best all the times but we can make choices that will have relatively less harmful impacts.

If I talk about Love, the same principle follows. If a boy does everything to keep his girl happy, he is the best for her but if she isn’t worth it, he is the worst for himself. The biggest flaw in love is that we make humans gods. They are not gods; they are just humans and in some cases, they are not even humans. The people who are not even worth an option become a priority. We, humans, are strange creatures. We don’t care about consequences; we just go with the wind which takes us to hell but do we deserve to be in HELL?

The answer is Yes and No. For whatever good we did, we don’t deserve to be there but if I look at the self-harm we have done in making others happy and losing ourselves, HELL is a better place for us; we deserve far worse.

The whole purpose of explaining all this was that at the end of the day, what we do and where we stand matters. We have to live our life for us. We have to survive. Sometimes, we are the worst but we are humans, we were born to make mistakes and learn from them.

 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who loves me the most of us all?

Mirror: You

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who hates me the most of us all?

Mirror: You

Posted: 24 Jan 2021

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