Which is the Most Useful Email Finder Tool for Recruiters?

Great businesses require great tools. With numerous options on the Internet, it’s hard to choose one. This is why I have prepared a list of the best LinkedIn email finder tools with their features and prices to help you to find the best email grabber for LinkedIn that will best suit your marketing needs.

What is a LinkedIn Email Finder And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

A LinkedIn Email Extractor is a tool that allows finding personal or business email addresses online from various LinkedIn profiles without coding and getting blocked and provides you extracted data in ready-to-use formats like CSV, Excel, or Text files.

LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools can help get the right person for the job position. You can easily scrape the email addresses of candidates from LinkedIn profiles, contact them, and invite them for a job interview. You can find people interested in your success: investors who might contribute to your company, business partners, or influencers who will be able to promote your brand.

What Are The Most Popular LinkedIn Email Finders For Recruiters?

I have chosen the 2 most popular LinkedIn email-finding tools on the market and done a deep dive on their features, pricing, free options for those who do their email marketing on a budget, and much more.



1. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

The LinkedIn Employees Data Scraper is the best for those who want to hire the best candidate/employee for their company. With LinkedIn Contact Extractor you can collect targeted company employees' data from LinkedIn by username or profile URL.

Some Of Key Features Of LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper

  • Numerous search options, such as single and bulk email search based on names, single and bulk user profile search, company profile search, and LinkedIn profile URL search, etc.
  • Most used and trusted LinkedIn Data Scraper that helps scrape relevant email addresses and other contact details from any LinkedIn profile you visit.
  • Ability to find a full prospect profile, including the name, profile link, skills, location, connections, job position, and information about the company and employee.
  • Export your extracted data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.
  • 100% human Customer Care team who can help you with any question via email or phone


It’s a top-ranked LinkedIn scraper because its pricing is reasonable, $50/Month which will provide you unlimited email leads and phone leads.

  • 1 Month License (49.99$)
  • 3 Month License (99.99$)
  • 6 Month License (159.99$)
  • 1 Year License (249.99$)

Recruiter Lite: 1800 profiles daily and for more safety, it is better to keep daily extraction up to 1500

2. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

This is a highly popular and easy-to-use LinkedIn Data Extractor tool. It allows you to hunt for emails and phone numbers of all professionals from LinkedIn accounts.

Some of its key features:

  • Email and phone number search by username/company name. If you have bulk profile URLs then you can add them to the software to scrape for data.
  • Zero codings require using this LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor Software.
  • Supports Excel, CSV, and Text formats to download data from LinkedIn.


LinkedIn URL Extractor price is also 40$/month to find the complete details from LinkedIn profiles.

  • 1 Month License (39.99$)
  • 3 Month License (59.99$)
  • 6 Month License (99.99$)

Posted: 24 Jun 2021

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