If you are trying to be a good man, don’t. You are wasting your energy in the wrong place. There is no point in being a better person, in the end, you will regret all the effort you made. Many of you will be thinking that I am saying wrong or I am a messed up person but one day, you will know that I was right and everything will make sense, but my point making sense will hurt a lot.

I will try my best to explain my point here. I have no problem with people trying to be better if they are doing it for themselves, but, if they are doing it for someone else, they are fools and idiots. What a pity it will be that a person wastes all his life to be better for someone else and in the end, the person turns him down. Shame on such a person for wasting his whole life. He might have spent his life doing something better, something productive but he chose to waste his life, but for what? For Disappointment? For Pain? For Suffering? For Mental Health Issues? For Love? Even if it was for love, it wasn’t worth that.

Love, of all the things in this world, is the most useless thing to waste your life for.

People are so hypocrites that the moment you behave a little different, they turn their backs on you. What you should do in such moments is stab them, because that is what they deserve. No one deserves your time more than yourself. You are born for yourself; people are just other beings living their meaningless and useless lives. You don’t have to put on a happy face because no one cares. They will never let you do what you want. They will push you over the edge and when you go spiral, they will blame you for it. They will push you until you have finally lost it.

I ask why to care for such people. You wasted your life for someone who wasn’t even worth a fraction of a second. No one is going to comfort you in your darks times so why waste your brightest moments for them? Why do you have to care about what others think? Why do you have to live according to others? Why can’t you be what you want? Why can’t you live the way you want to? Why do you have to be good for someone else? Why can’t you give in to your dark desires? Why can’t you go spiral? Why can’t you question someone else? Why do they have so much power over your life and you have none over theirs? Why?

They say love is the best feeling of all, I say love is the worst bitch of all. You are free to think either way. No one can change someone’s mind unless he himself wants to.

If you want to love, love yourself. If you want to live, live for yourself. If you want to do something good, do it for yourself. Don’t be selfless, be selfish. Don’t be good to people. The only person worthy of your love, time and care is in the mirror.

Be free; don’t care, because at the end of the day, no one stands with you but you.


Posted: 24 Feb 2021

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