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The whole education system has completely changed into the digital world due to the Current Situation. The Onsite education system has ceased entirely because of this situation. So, Pakistan has also adopted online teaching just like other countries. The Definition of Education has totally changed.  In online education, students learn through e-learning by using different digital platforms and equipment. HEC came up with new policies of online learning immediately after the lockdown has imposed and started the online classes in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has provided different possible facilities to the academic staff and students to make online learning easy and accessible. The world can be changed through education because it is a powerful weapon (Nelson Mandela). That's why the online system is adopted in Pakistan to minimize the educational loss of students and to control this difficult situation. But, somehow online classes in Pakistan are not much beneficial as they should be. Although, online classes in Pakistan have advantages but, some drawbacks too.

The online education system is a good source of communication between students and teachers in this situation. Students can talk to professors in flexible hours. In online classes, it becomes easier for students to ask questions because in the face-to-face interaction some students hesitate to ask about queries. Moreover, online classes provide a comfortable environment for learning. Students can attend classes from anywhere. By adopting their comfort zone, students can learn things in a better way. Online classes provide a flexible schedule for students. While in traditional classes, students have to follow the university schedule. Students can save their time and can learn different skills according to their aptitude. Online classes provide diversity in learning. By taking online classes students can keep their part-time jobs during their free hours. Along with this, the online learning system costs less. Although students pay for the tuition hours, still it is not much expensive. Students can save money by eliminating many campus-based charges.

Online classes in Pakistan have some limitations. As much population of Pakistan is facing poverty so, it is difficult for several students to arrange mobile phones, laptops, and other digital apparatus to take online classes. And unlike other developed countries, Pakistan is not so much sophisticated in the digital world so it a big challenge for Pakistani students to attend online classes. In rural areas, most of the students do not have the accessibility to the internet and in other areas, students have low data connections. So, it is a tough task for Pakistani students to continue online classes. Low data connections and inaccessibility of the internet lead to a big academic gap between the students. (Khan, 2016)

Technical challenges towards online classes are not so numerous. But the list of our behavior and social limitations are also included in it. It is a general suspicion of our elders that using digital gadgets for education purposes is not a decent way. So, the lack of acceptance for online classes in Pakistan by students and their families is a general issue.

No doubt, the Government of Pakistan has taken a good step by adopting an online learning system, and all necessary things are provided to keep the students associate with their education in this difficult situation. But, online classes in Pakistan have become a controversial issue. Students are facing difficulties in taking online classes. Students are protesting against online classes via social media.  

Posted: 19 Mar 2021

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