What is the best way to Scrape Amazon for product data?

Amazon, with more than 10 billion products, and eBay, with more than 1.3  billion products, are the leading sites in the e-commerce business. They provide a good stage for sellers to list their products for selling in the worldwide market. It makes eBay and Amazon a very popular resource to find e-commerce data for business intelligence, research, and price monitoring. Various products are available under different categories including computers, fashion, electronics, home appliances, etc. Having this data manually is nearly impossible seeing the depth & breadth of available product lines on eBay & Amazon. Any site Web Scraper is the most ideal way of extracting data from eBay and Amazon. Anysite Scraper is one of the most easy-to-use web scrapers available to scrape e-commerce and business directories. You do not need any coding or technical knowledge to use the web scraper.

Why Anysite Scraper For Amazon & eBay?

1. Ready to use web scraping software to get product data from Amazon & eBay instantly.

2. One screen dashboard to get all the information at a single view.

3. Supports Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart.com, and many more.

4. Search by item number, keyword, seller name, & product listing URL.

5. Export scraped data in CSV and Excel files.

6. No coding required to use it.

7. You can scrape seller data like email and phone numbers and also product data.

8. Supports Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Net Framework v4.5.2 or above.



How To Scrape Data From Amazon & eBay Using Anysite Scraper?

It takes less than 5 minutes if you want to scrape any data from Amazon and eBay by using this eBay Web Scraper, and here is a detailed step-by-step guide about using it:

1st Step

The first step is to search for the product you want to extract or scrape. This can be easily done by searching for the target keywords in the Amazon and eBay search bar.

For example, if you want to extract the current market data for the best-selling mobile accessories on Amazon or eBay, just simply type the chosen category keyword “mobile accessory” and load the search result page.

If you want to extract the best sellers' product details for a specific category, you can do that too, just go to the best sellers category under the navigation menu. In our case, it would be under Mobile -> Accessories -> Hand-free & Head Phone -> Mobile.

2nd Step

Now, you will need to decide what type of data you want to extract or scrape from Amazon & eBay Product Listing. If you just want broad information such as the title of the product, reviews count, the first image of the product listing, and pricing, you can get them from the search result page.

If you want more data, such as the detailed description, all of the product images, detailed customer reviews, seller emails, and phone numbers, you will need to navigate to the product detail page, as this data will not be available on the search result page.

3rd Step

Once you have decided what type of data to extract, simply launch Anysite Scraper on the page where your desired data is visible. If you haven’t already installed Anysite Scraper then you can install Amazon Product Scraper for free on your Laptop/PC.

In this way, you can find and scrape data from Amazon and eBay in CSV and Excel files without coding and getting blocked.

Posted: 24 May 2021

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