How to Style Your Home Using Art and Color?

We all have heard that "a home is where the heart is." Home should be a reflection of you and your life, and it should also be a place to feel happy, relaxed, and at peace. If you are on the search for a way to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, then this blog is for you. The trick is using art and color in clever ways. Home decoration is a topic that has been around for centuries. It's an art and science, all in one! There are so many different characteristics to consider when you're styling your home, but the most important thing to remember is "To use color and art as your guide". Here are some tips on how to do that!


Use Color as a Guide

Is your home decorated in blues, greens, yellows? Pick out art that appeals to those specific colors and use it throughout the space! For example, blue will look great with some aerial photographs of waterfalls or seascapes. And yellow accents might be perfect for a room that's decorated with bright colors. Touch up a dark wall with a dull gold framed art and a beige with a painting of animals or something similar. You want to create a space filled with color but fear it may border on being too chaotic, try painting one wall in your living room or bedroom using the same technique you would use for an accent wall. This will add some visual interest and bring out different colors from artwork or furniture without overcrowding a space.


Art as a Guide

If your home is decorated with neutrals and you're looking for some pop, choose art that's bright and bold! This will bring color into space without any extra effort on your part. Match colors in the artwork to colors in other areas of the room. If you have an accent wall or bedding with bright colors in your room, pick out artwork that also features those same hues. To create a more unified showroom feel, go for complementary area rugs that match the colors and art in your surroundings.


Neutralize Your Space

If you live in a too colorful space and you're not sure what to do about it, start by getting rid of the pieces that are overwhelming the space! Then add some neutrals like black or white to give your space a fresh, clean feel. To soften the brightness of many colors in your home, use a soft beige or eggshell color for furniture such as couches and dressers.


Complement Your Home's Exterior

If your home has a lot of natural light, it might be an accurate time to incorporate some botanical elements into the interior. Plants are perfect for rooms with limited windows because they provide an immediate energy boost and help revitalize stale air! If you have a smaller or more enclosed space, consider adding a colorful, tropical fish aquarium to your space.


Hang Art on One Wall

If you're trying to make your abode look bigger or more open, hang art on one wall! This creates an instant focal point and will give the room depth when seen from different angles. To break things up even further, add some floating shelves near the artwork for additional style.


Paint the Ceiling White

A white ceiling can make space look bigger and brighter. Choose other bright colors to paint, such as lime green or teal, on the walls for contrast. This way, you'll get plenty of happy pops of color without having too much going on in one place! You can also use rustic hues on the beams for a stained-wood look.


Mix It Up!

Mixing styles is not only an ideal way to introduce new colors and textures into space, but it's also an easy way to change things up if you're looking for some inspiration. Try incorporating vintage pieces with more modern ones or adding in natural elements like plants. You can even mix mid-century style furniture with the contemporary pieces you already have. An easy and simple way to update and refresh a room on the cheap is using color blocking! It's easier than it sounds-- all you need is some paint or colored wallpaper that provides contrast against what's already there. 


Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and pillows are the best ideas to add texture to an area that's feeling too sparse. You can't go wrong with throws and blankets, but don't forget about adding floor cushions or different shapes of decorative pillows! A few ideas include animal print linen pillowcases or velvet accents.


Window Retreat

If you're looking for an escape place where you can do reading, window seats are an ideal solution. Remember that color blocking can work here too! A bench or ottoman provides the perfect spot for reading and lounging with a view. Color your window frames in a bright and bold hue for a bit of added interest. Coordinate your curtains with the flooring and furnishings to create a more unified feel.


Color Blocking

If you're not feeling the color-blocking trend, consider using it as an accent instead! Try picking out colors that match your furniture to paint or reupholster pieces in colorful fabrics (yes, this works for sofas and chairs, too!). Or take one of your favorite prints from the art on the wall and use it to decorate the drapes, pillows, or artwork.


Go for Rugs

Rugs are the best solution to add warmth and comfort, as well as color. Layer rugs in different patterns or textures for a more beautiful look! Choose different materials types to create contrast. For the front or living room, go for a colorful Pakistani rug on top of a more traditional, neutral rug. For the bedroom, go for one or two small rugs to place in front of the bed (or on either side) and then make them match your sheets!


Mix Patterns & Textures

It's all about contrast when it comes to art and color theory. So mix up patterns and texture. To keep in mind, you go crazy with many patterns and textures, so make sure that the patterns should be similar in size.


Sum Up

Want to spice up your home style with some new art? Adding a rug that complements the vibe of your space is an easy way to do it. If you're looking for something colorful and artistic, look no further than RugKnots! Their rugs are made from the best materials, and their vibrant colors will make any room feel more alive. Shop now or get in touch if you have questions about our products. We can help you find the perfect piece of artwork for your home today!


Posted: 22 Jun 2021

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