Of all the humans existing in this world, I believe that writers are the most creative ones. A painter can paint an absolute beauty, but a writer can create a whole world. A painting is no doubt appealing to eyes but doesn’t have the magnitude of an entire world.  A writer can make people see things that don’t even exist, merely by his words.

What power does a writer have to do such things? How is he capable of giving birth to things that are too good to be true but too beautiful to believe in? Why is he doing this? Why is he writing something that has a weak or no link to reality?

The answers may vary from person to person but for me, it is because I am afraid of realities. They are too dark and soul-consuming. Sometimes, we are too tired to face the realities that we don’t want to live in them. Writing is just your life dispersed in either a single story or many stories. A writer leaves a fragment of his life in each of his stories.

It’s an escape; an escape to feel better and let it all out because pages don’t judge.

I believe that the more pain a writer experiences, the more he can connect to his audience provided that they have a beating heart and an understanding mind.

Things run smoothly when a writer is lost in his fictional world. He is the king and can do whatever he wants. That fictional world gives him a sense of belonging. It might not be real, but it sure is more important than reality. So, for some reason, if he isn’t able to create his versions of realities anymore, what will happen to him?

 Surely, he will go mad. That’s the worst part of a writer’s life; writer’s block.

Suppose you have everything in the world you want and suddenly, everything is taken away from you, how will you feel? You will feel like you are being sucked into a black hole; absolute nothingness. That’s what happens to a writer when he can’t figure out what to write next. The escape he had from dark reality is now gone. There is no way for him to run. He is damned. The writer's block makes him unstable; it deteriorates his mind which further increases the effect of writer’s block. In medical terms, we call it a “vicious cycle,” and it is life-threatening. It can end your life real quick. The funny thing is when you get appreciated for your work; you develop a hunger for appreciation. You start enjoying the pain because, at the end of the day, we are all at least a little bit selfish. You need new heartbreaks to write a new story. If you don’t get them; you go spiral.

In the entire struggle for writing, you hurt yourself and you keep doing it again and again. Writing is like magic and magic always comes with a price.

If you love roses; you have to get along with the thorns also.

Writing may consume your soul but still, it is better than other ways of getting your soul eaten. Even if you are being destroyed, you are still contributing something to society.

Life always comes with ups and downs; enjoy the ups; get through the downs and keep writing. Keep expressing yourself. Transform your pain into something beautiful and someday, someone will understand it and ask, “Are you okay?”

Posted: 11 Mar 2021

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So! Are you Okay?
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Depends on what okay means
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I just discovered this platform yesterday and decided to give it a try. If I had any thoughts of regret, your composition just dispelled that.
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Daniel we all welcome you.
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Daniel, you are more than welcome
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