A Tragedy is an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. It is also a form of drama based on human suffering and the sorrowful events that befall the main character. 

If I were to give an example of tragedy, I would say LOVE. There will be many people that will not see from my point of view but I can’t do anything about that, I can only put my point. I can tell someone to eat something but I hate to spoon-feed. Now talking about love, I would say that it is a tragedy. People say that love is divine and soul of life; love is which gives everything meaning; love is the reason oceans flow; love is the reason we are all alive; I would like them to prove it to me, I have an open mind. I have seen so many people suffer because of love how can I be convinced otherwise. The outcome of love is not worth all the losses we have to face. No matter how beautiful or peaceful you think the outcome of your love is going to be, it is still not worth it. One day, you are going to realize that what you all did was not worth it and there will be no one else to blame. The guilt will be upon you and GUILT is a bigger tragedy than LOVE.

Guilt is a dark pit and if you come out of it, you will shine the brightest but that IF is too damn hard. Not all of us are strong to get out of that dark place. Guilt makes us wander in places normal people are afraid to even think about. Guilt consumes your heart. Some Christians believe that a person’s guilt is the only thing that can take him to Hell, so you can understand the weight of guilt from that. Regardless of the difference in religious thoughts, I agree with it to some extent. It might not take us to Hell, but it sure is capable of making our lives a living Hell. Isn’t that a tragedy?

Coming back to Love, many will agree that it breaks people but they will also argue it with this, “Even broken things are beautiful.” I agree, even broken things can be beautiful, but they are still broken. The sense of being complete is lost to them.  Being beautiful isn’t the only point of life and I do believe that a person can’t have it all but it doesn’t mean a person has to be broken. Not having everything is very much different from being broken. But, no matter how much we argue, it’s LIFE, the biggest tragedy of all. Things happen and have horrible outcomes and we can’t do anything about that. We are the actors and the audience in our own tragedy. We have to face those troubles and face the consequences, live through the aftermath, and still clap at the end as the audience. I find it funny and depressing at the same time.

We can never be ready for a tragedy. The same is for life; so it defines it as a tragedy. Life unlike other tragedies is a constant state of metamorphosis. At first, I thought that tragedies are a glitch in the matrix; they shouldn’t have existed in the first place but then I realized that it’s not the happy moments that define our lives, it’s the tragedies and how we deal with them. We can’t get away from life, it’s impossible but we can be careful and avoid other tragedies and if we can’t we will be broken but remember,

“Even broken things are beautiful.”

Posted: 29 May 2021

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