“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; How I wonder what you are.”

We can’t wonder what stars are now because they are gone now, long gone.  We all have heard the poem thousands of times about a kid who talks to stars and compares them with diamonds. Childhood is the best part of our lives. We can’t walk but we try to run; we can’t speak but we mumble; we are dumb but we enjoy that because that’s the purpose of childhood. It’s the silliness that we remember about our childhood and that makes us happy when we sit with our siblings and friends years into the future. 

Now, coming back to stars and why they are gone. I remember when I was a child, I looked up the sky and there were countless stars, twinkling. Now, when I look at the sky, I can’t see anything and the courtesy goes to us, Humans. When we were children, the air was pure and we could see the stars easily and the beautiful constellations they made. Now, it seems like an extra layer of smoke and dust has enveloped the sky. I am not an environmental expert, I don’t know about the impacts of our actions; I am just a man whose childhood memories you just killed. When I remember the twinkling stars and I don’t see them, it gives me heartache. If a child of today wants to see the twinkling stars, he would have to watch it on some screen, which will not only be just an image but will also be affecting his health, giving him a gift of a variety of rays.

 If I consider Nature as a mother, then we are the ungrateful spoilt children who killed their own mother. If Robert Frost lived in this era, he wouldn’t have stopped by woods on a snowy evening because there wouldn’t have been any woods, he might have stumbled into some beautiful houses with ugly people living in them.

The change in our ways of life has given us problems that can never be solved. God embellished the Earth while we stole the most beautiful jewels. Sometimes, I wish that we hadn’t evolved at all. Earth was better off with us living in caves; but, have we evolved at all?

Living in nice houses doesn’t make us civilized or better, we are still barbarians. We still live by the ways of the wild; we have just tamed them according to our will. We, in the name of technology and advancement, are running so fast that we aren’t looking at the plants we are destroying. We are so lost in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that we have no time to think about our relatives. We are living so close yet we are growing so far from each other. We are destroying nature day by day and we don’t do anything about it because that’s the only way we know to live. We are not making Earth better, we are making it worse. We are selfish creatures trying to live in comfort neglecting the horrendous consequences. If you are born as a human, act like one. Be gentle; be kind; be empathetic, be nice; be emotional; be vulnerable; be lovable; be loving; be happy; be HUMAN.

Don’t be just Humans, be Humane too.

Posted: 16 Feb 2021

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