Privacy Policy

This Policy is the Legal Agreement between You and the Owner of the Website. If you are going to use this website, then you have to agree to all the Terms of this Policy. Please Do not Use our Website, If you do not agree to these Terms. We can Update this Policy according to the Requiremnet of the Time. So keep checking this Policy Page Time to Time to stay Up-to-Dated to this Policy.

By Using our Services, You agree to the Terms of the Policy. Basic Terms of this Policy are:

Personal Information

Some of your Personal Information will be collected during the Registration Process on our Website. This Information Include:

  1. Personal Information such as Your Name (Must be Unique).
  2. Password for your Account & Some other Information related to Security will be asked at the Time of Account Creation.
  3. Your Contact Details like Contact Number & Email Address.
  4. Profile Photo (Could be Your Own Picture or Any Other Image) for Your Account. If you don't want to Upload your Photo, You don't have to.

Use of Personal Information

We can Use your Personal Information in the Following Way:

  1. This Information will be used for Creation of Your Account on Our Website.
  2. We'll remember Login Credentials (e.g., Your Email Address & related Password) of the Logged in Users. So, you don't need to Login Again on Website.
  3. We may Send You Emails on the Email Address you Provided about the Updation in the Website.
  4. If you Request to Reset your Account Password, the link will be sent to your Email Address.
  5. We'll use your Personal Information for Providing Customer Services.

Sharing Your Personal Information

We can Share your Personal Information in the Following Way:

  1. Some of Your Personal Information (Such as Your Name, Your Profile Photo, Your Bio, & Joining Date) will be Publically Available & will be shared with all other Users of the Website.
  2. We also share the Activities related to your Account such as Your Followers, Your Followings, & Your Posts.
  3. We will not Sell Your Personal Information to any Other Third Party.
  4. We may Share your Personal Information to our Lawyers in case of any Legal Issue.

Security of Your Information

All the Information you Provided will be Kept Personal. We will not share Your Unique Password & Access Token to any Other Person. We assure you that We will work hard to protect your Information. We take all Technical measures to Protect your Information.

Contact Us

If You have any Query or any Issue reagrding this Provacy Policy, You are free to Ask Us. You can Contact Us.