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The Terms & Conditions are applicable on all the Users who are using or going to use Post4Everyone. In these Terms and Conditions, the terms “Your”, “You”, “Individual”, or “User” represents the user who is using or going to use Post4Everyone and the terms “We”, “Our”, or “Us” represents Post4Everyone authorities (Both admins and moderators).

These terms will explain all your and ours legal rights. So, you must have to agree to these Terms & Conditions for using our website. Don't use our Website if you don't agree to all the Terms & Conditions. By clicking any of our services (like signing in or signing up), using or surfing our website will mean that you agree to all of our terms & conditions and you accept that you are bound to our policies and you will follow all the policies explained by us. Our privacy policy explains everything we collect or use. Kindly check our Privacy Policy for detailed information and if you have any question or confusion about any of our policy or terms, then feel free to contact us or you can also send mail us at “mail@post4everyone.com”.

Now kindly read our Terms very carefully.

Our Services

Post4Everyone provides you a platform for writing and publishing your thoughts for FREE. You can use our website for both reading and writing purposes. You don’t need to register on Post4Everyone if you just want to read articles or thoughts of others but the access is limited without registering. You can avail of only some services without being part of our website. If you continue to use our website without registering, you will not be able to write or publish your own articles, you will not be able to follow the authors, and you will not be able to like, unlike, or post comments on the posts. We provide all our services free of cost. Be a part of this community for a better user experience on our website.


You have to provide us accurate information such as email and phone number at the time of registration on our Website. You agree that we can use your data for sending you an email, messages, any type of notification, or for displaying ads according to your interests. We ensure you that we will not use your personal information for any illegal purpose and also that we will not sell or disclose your personal information to any third-party or any outsider. You are not allowed to create fake accounts on Post4Everyone using unauthorized methods. You are not allowed to sell your account to any other person like any business or entity.

If you accept our terms, you agree that you will provide correct information and you are creating an account or using our website for yourself and your own purpose, not for any other person. You will be responsible for all the Activities performed from Your Account (either Legal or Illegal), so don't share or disclose your credentials to any untrusty person. If we noticed any Illegal activity from your account, we'll have the right to Suspend or Delete your account from Post4Everyone with or without notification.

You will be responsible for the security and confidentiality of your account. Please do not share your personal account information (e.g., Email, Password, or Security Pin) with any untrusty person. You agree that you will not post or use the personal information of others such as Phone Number, NIC number, Credit or Debit Card Number, etc. on our Website. You are not allowed to use the Login credentials of other users. You agree that all the information you provided is related to you and we’ll make sure of it. If you used any other person’s information or you didn’t confirm your account within the limit of 3 days, you will lose the account you created and you will not be able to use our services.


You are not allowed to post any Content that Results in Violations of Rules & Regulations. If you accept these terms, you agree that you will not try to violate our rules. The content on the website provided by the authors is their personal opinion; it may or may not be correct. We don't allow any vulgar or adult content (including Text or Images) on our website. You are not allowed to post any content that could lead to fights. Hate speech or vulgar talk is not allowed on our website. You are not allowed to harass or bully others (neither in your posts nor in the comment section) on our website. If you did so, Actions will be taken against you and your Content.

You agree that you will not post content of any other person; you will not post the content from your account which is the asset of any other person or whose copyright holder is someone other than you. It means that copyright infringement is not allowed on our website. If you have already posted your own content on any other social media app or submitted it anywhere else then you are not allowed to post that content on our website. You are not allowed to post plagiarized or duplicate content. Whenever you posted any content, the admin or the moderators will first review the content, check its plagiarism and then approve or reject it.We have the right to modify your posts and insert backlinks in your posts before or after approval and we also have the right to delete your posts if we noticed a violation of rules. By accepting these terms you allow us to modify, delete, or use your content for advertisement or profit purposes.

You are requested to follow all the Intellectual Property Rights rules, if we noticed that you have violated any of our terms, we'll take strict actions against them. This could result in the termination of your Post4Everyone user account and you will be restricted to use Post4Everyone.