10 Ways to Impress your Special One

We meet with many people daily, we spend time with them. Some of them don’t affect us and some make a good impression on our heart. We feel attraction and affection towards some of them that they become the special ones (either friend or crush) for us. When we find a special person, we start to have daydreams about them but do we just stick to daydreams?

No, we don’t. We want that person to be ours and to be with us in every situation so we think to impress them but the question is: How? Here are 10 main ways that can help you in impressing someone special.

1. Make him Feel Happy

The best way to impress someone is to make him/her feel happy around you. Do the things that will make your special person happy. Calling, wishing birthday at exactly 12 AM before everyone, asking for a meal, asking for your help in his work, giving some gifts like flowers or some other special thing are the cute little gestures which will help you keep your special one happy. When you put effort to keep someone happy, that person will definitely appreciate it and will get impressed by you.

2. Be a Good Listener

It’s human nature that he can’t be happy with everything inside him so he needs a person who listens to him and who listens to his problems. So you need to be a good listener if you want to impress someone.

3. Expand Comfort Zone

A person carries a lot of secrets inside him that he does not share with anyone maybe because he doesn’t feel comfortable telling someone his secrets.  Try to make your special one comfortable by giving them the confident vibes, by showing that you are actually listening and he can trust you with his secrets.

4. Develop a Bond of Trust

Trust is everything that a person needs. Share your secrets with the person you want to impress, make him feel that you trust him then he will also trust you and a beautiful bond of trust will develop between the two of you.

5. Don’t Lie

No one likes lies. If you want to impress someone then always tell him the truth and your true feelings, and try not to lie to him about anything.

6. Be Understanding

When your special person wants you to understand him then just be understanding for him even if he is wrong. I know it’s wrong to support wrong but sometimes, you have to do things according to the requirements of time and situation. Understand first, calm him down and then tell him what’s wrong he is doing, the person will get impressed by this.

7. Never Disagree

If you want your special one to get impressed by you then never disagree with the things he says. If you both have different points on a thing and if you are the one who wants to impress then just leave your point and agree to disagree.

8. Help him Fulfil his Goals

When you want to impress someone and that person has some goals to fulfill in his life then try to help him in fulfilling his goals. Doesn’t be a thorn in his way to fulfill his goals, it will make him disappointed by you.

9. Improve Yourself

You grow daily, you learn daily and by learning you try to improve yourself. Personality development is the phase that keeps on going and improving. So if you want to impress someone, and then improve yourself in the way he wants you to be improved, and then be the best version of you.  

10. Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone you are not just for impressing someone. Show your both good and bad sides to the person you want to impress. Don’t just show off things and don’t pressure yourself to show that you are the best. Don’t pretend anything, show who you really are.

Posted: 16 Feb 2021

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