2 Concealed Reasons Behind Unhappiness

Whenever I walk around on the roads, especially, in metropolitan cities i.e. Lahore and similar ones; I always notice numerous “Unsolved questions”, “Unfulfilled desires” and “Disenchanted dreams” on the faces of masses, mainly working or middle-class people, and these questions can’t be seen through naked eyes but you can see them if you have an empathetic heart, a foresighted mind and a little amount of humanity, which is a rare thing in the contemporary scenario, with you. Neither I find any glint of happiness nor I see any ray of a smile on their faces.

Based on my limited knowledge and shallow observation, there are only two main reasons behind these uninvited miseries which are listed below.


The more we get; the more we want:


Today’s world is very confusing in many ways where people want to be rich at any cost. People want to earn money, either by hook or by crook, morality doesn't matter to them. To me, it’s a capitalist urge which motivates people to do a brown study regarding those sides that are out of a man’s reach like if a working-class person doesn't have any skill or source how can he earn beyond his limits? We need to know and define our limits according to our capacities which are almost explicit to everyone.

Although money has become “GOD” nowadays, actually it isn’t everything. We can’t buy everything with money. Some other factors like peace of mind and satisfaction of heart are equally crucial to have a balanced and happy life. And money like other components is a mere factor but not everything.

 The equation in this regard might help you: Some money ( according to your abilities) plus more LOVE plus most peace of mind and plenty of satisfaction is equal to a happy life.


Comparison with other people:


 Answer to a question. Can a fish and a horse jump the same wall to prove their abilities? The answer to this question is straightforward NO, as the fish can show its skills in the water and the horse can cross an obstacle without any problem. The same is the case with humans, one is an expert in speaking and the other is in writing. One can run some business efficiently at the same time the other one is far better in teaching. Every human being is born with unique faculties and abilities which just needed to be explored. Mark Twain states:


 "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."


The “why” is important here, you need to know yourself, you need to know what's your way, and when you know then put all of your time and energy in that way. I bet you, you will find a way, a great way in your ways. Just don’t run other's races. Just don’t spend your life like someone else.


''Explore yourself, know yourself and recognize yourself.''


If you want to be a writer, you would be a writer but, first, give that amount of time and effort to your cherished goal which your goal needs. When you did what you were made of, one day you will get great success, and you will earn everything. And on that specific day, you will earn a lot of money, respect, and recognition too. Live your own life and don’t compare yourself with others. Because you are YOU.

Posted: 11 Mar 2021

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I totally agree with everything you said. We should not try to copy others or compare ourselves with others, The Way you portrayed your point is very good👌 Keep Sharing your views.
() (1175 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes ago)


I am grateful to you, Misbah, for such an amazing remark as it acts like a fuel and motivation for a newbie.
() (1175 days, 11 hours, 9 minutes ago)