3 Reasons not to check Smartphone in the Morning

What's the first thing that we do after waking up? Have we ever thought about it? I think we never did. Let's think for a while...

Yeah, yeah. You got that right. We use our smartphones immediately after waking up. Actually, not after completely waking up, we look for our phones before we are fully awake. It became our routine to check our smartphones firstly. We have become so accustomed to the phone that we have replaced everything with it and we have become the slaves of our phones. They have become our alarm clock, our reminders, and everything. We wake up, turn off the alarm, and start checking our emails, messages, WhatsApp, and scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. This all happens in the span of a few minutes. Have we ever thought that this habit is not good? Have we ever thought of getting rid of this habit?

Nope, we never did which is not right. We are doing bad to ourselves. Shouldn't we get rid of this habit? Yes, we definitely should try. We will never be able to get rid of this harmful habit until we know the drawbacks of checking smartphones within one hour of waking up.


Here are the 3 Main Reasons why we should not check our phones in the morning:

Ruins our productivity and time

            When we start our day by scrolling social media apps, our time is seized. We think to check our Instagram or Facebook or any other app just for five minutes, but we keep scrolling and watching videos and keep wasting our time. Just like our time, we put our attention in the wrong place. Our thoughts, ideas, and attention gets affected by our smartphones. 

            There is no doubt in the fact that Smartphone helps us in many ways like learning new things, communicating with others, sharing ideas with others, and many more, but it is also true that it ruins our productivity. 

“Smartphone makes a good servant, but a bad master.”

Increases Stress and Anxiety

          When we start using our phones after waking up,  our stress level increases. We pick up our phones and start scrolling social media and bombard our minds with news and memes. Our external stimuli pull our attention, and we do not get enough time to start our day calmly.

            A study at the University of Sweden tells that those females and males who use smartphones in their 20’s are more likely to suffer from depression. If we want to start our day calmly and stressless, then we should not use smartphones within one hour of waking up. 

Mess up our whole day

            If we start our day by using our smartphones, then we set the tone for a distracted day. We think that if we start our day with distractions then after that we will be able to focus on our productive work easily, but it becomes too difficult to focus on the productive work after ruining our productivity and time in the morning. We feel sleepy all day and got distracted much easier and in this way, we end up messing and ruining our whole day.

How can you break this habit?

If you have big goals, then it is necessary to be active and do productive work with full focus. Here are some tips which will help you to break this habit:

  • Try not to set an alarm on your smartphone and try to wake up on your own. Because If you set an alarm, then you will pick up your phone for turning it off and will start viewing the messages and calls.
  • Switch off your phone or put it on flight mode. 
  • Start doing important things after waking up. Brush your teeth, try to do exercise regularly, do breakfast on time, and Taking a shower will be a plus point because the morning shower improves health.
  • Write a To-do list every morning that will encourage you to do work.

Posted: 30 May 2021

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