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3 Reasons not to check Smartphone in the Morning

It became our routine to check our smartphones firstly. We have become so accustomed to the phone that we have replaced everything with it and we have become the slaves of our phones. They have become our alarm clock, our reminders, and everything. We wake up, turn off the alarm, and start checking our emails, messages, WhatsApp, and scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. This all happens in the ...

(Posted 30 May 2021 By Faiqa )

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Fire Erupts at a Petrol Pump in Lahore's Fateh Garh Area

On 5th May 2021, a Fire broke out in an oil tanker during the supply at a petrol pump in Lahore in the area of Fateh Garh. Due to the intensity of the fire, smoke was clearly visible from miles. Oil Tanker was parked inside the petrol pump and the driver skillfully pulled the half-burning oil tanker out on the main road, but the fire destroyed the petrol pump and three cars. Fortunately, no human loss is reported yet...

(Posted 06 May 2021 By Faiqa )

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Social Media Platforms were Blocked in Pakistan

Social Media Platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Tik Tok, and YouTube were temporarily blocked in Pakistan to maintain the law-and-order conditions. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked these platforms by following the order of the Ministry of the interior. They suspended all the social media platforms from 11 AM to 3 PM on 16th April 2020 all over Pakistan.

(Posted 16 Apr 2021 By Faiqa )

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Actress Meera admitted to Mental Hospital

Irtiza Rubab, who is better known as Meera is admitted to Mental Hospital in New York during her United States (US) trip. Meera is a well-known Pakistani actress. Her husband’s name is Captain Naveed Pervaiz. She went to the doctor because she was not feeling well as she had a fever. She misbehaved with the American Doctor and exchanged heated words with the doctor, and because of that, the doctor called the mental h...

(Posted 08 Apr 2021 By Faiqa )

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Huge Fire erupts in Rawalpindi

Today on 1st April 2020 around 1 PM, a sudden Fire erupts in Urdu Bazar, Rawalpindi, causing heavy losses to traders. More than twenty shops are engulfed by the fire and the millions of goods have been burnt. Officials revealed that fire broke down due to short circuit on the ground floor and then spread to the third floor. Fire is also spreading in nearby shops and houses due to heavy wind. Many shops and houses aro...

(Posted 01 Apr 2021 By Faiqa )

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Smartphones share our data every four and half minutes

Smartphones share our data with their respective companies like iPhone shares data with Apple company and android phones shares data with Google every four and half minutes. Even if when we are not using a smartphone, or it is in our handbag or pocket. The research was held in Trinity College Dublin, and they raised privacy concerns about smartphones. iPhone has always assured us that our information is secure. That ...

(Posted 30 Mar 2021 By Faiqa )

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Buying Happiness

One day when he came back from the office, he whooped with joy, “Hey Sheena, I’m home”. She was so surprised to see him this happy. “What happened?” she asked jubilantly. He told her that his boss promoted him to the manager position. “I told you, you will get whatever you want”, she was happy for him. After three years of hard work, he was finally promoted to a good position; he was happy that things will get better...

(Posted 03 Mar 2021 By Faiqa )

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How perfectionism is destroying your productivity

Perfectionism means that a person has an extremely high standard and do not satisfy with anything and always thinks that what he or another person does is never good enough. Many people think that perfectionism is a good habit but in reality, it is not because it leads people to depression, anxiety, and they feel unhappy all the time. Everyone wants to become perfect, but no one is perfect. A perfectionist always tri...

(Posted 24 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Principles of Life that Everyone Knows, But Only Few Follow

What is life? Life is not just for spending time. It is just a beautiful mess with some principles that everyone knows, but only a few follow them. Whatever you have done in your life is your choice and whatever you have not done is also your choice. Your life depends on your choices whether you want to adopt the principles or not. If you follow these rules and make the right decision, then you will spend a great lif...

(Posted 17 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Manage your Energy

The secret to better work: manage your energy, not your time.

(Posted 16 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Stop Spending So Much Time in Your Head

You spend so much time of your life in your head, make it a beautiful place to be.

(Posted 15 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Are You Wasting Your Life?

If your today is not better than yesterday, then you are just wasting your life.

(Posted 09 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Best People in Pakistan so far

Pakistan is the 5th most populous country in the world. Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947 by the efforts and dedication of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Muhammad Iqbal, and many other great people. Pakistan got many loyal people. I will tell you the five-best people in Pakistan.

(Posted 06 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Top trending PC Games

When we are tired of doing work and need something to relax, then playing games is a good choice because they also improve us. Playing games have many benefits. They improve focus and brain speed. They also improve problem-solving skills, multitasking skills, and social skills. Yes, some games also improve our social skills. For example, PUBG mobile, Minecraft, and many other games have been playing all over the worl...

(Posted 05 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Stop Blaming Others

Sometimes things are just the way they are, we cannot do anything about it. We just have to accept the situation, should not blame others, and move on.

(Posted 04 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Best Ways to Reduce Weight

Easy and effective ways to lose weight...

(Posted 02 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Computer Viruses

A virus is a computer program that modifies the original functionality of the computer. A virus can produce copies of the program. They are attached by another .exe file and executes when the affected program executes.

(Posted 30 Jan 2021 By Faiqa )

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How to Get Rid of Bad Habits easier?

Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure

(Posted 29 Jan 2021 By Faiqa )

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How writing helps us?

Writing is the ability to explain or describe our feelings or ideas to others. Writing is important. It improves our logic and helps us to think more creatively.

(Posted 25 Jan 2021 By Faiqa )

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12 reasons why Pakistan is best place to live!

Pakistan, which came into existence on 14 August 197 after a lot of efforts and struggles. The word Pakistan is the combination of two words “Pak” which means pure or holy and “istan” derived from the Hindi word isthan means place.

(Posted 18 Jan 2021 By Faiqa )

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