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We get used to things or people very quickly that life seems incomplete without them. We want someone to be with us all the time. We want someone to help us in everything; we want to have someone who never leaves us alone no matter what, we want a person by our side, we want him to help us in making our decisions, we want him to help us in everything we do, we don’t want to live our life on our own. We need somebody’s support for living, we want a person who listens, we want to be understood, and we want people who can make us feel happy.

Everything I said is a fact, it’s in Human nature. But sometimes, when we can’t find that support, that help, that understanding level, that one person who stays with us all the time, in all the ups and downs. In this case, we become disappointed, we start to feel less important. We think that no one loves us and also stops doing things for others. But just think that: Is it correct? Isn’t it bad that we are stopping ourselves from helping others just because we don’t get the help of others? Aren’t we doing wrong?

I agree that we become disappointed when we don’t get support but is it necessary to do the same? We know that we want someone’s support then why can’t anyone else need it? Why don’t we think about it? Why can’t we be the person for someone else that we wanted? Why can’t we be supportive?

If you can’t find somebody then BE SOMEBODY. Be there for others when they need it, try to help others in every situation, be the person you want for yourself. Just think is there any loss for you in helping others? Will you lose something when you make yourself available for others? If there is no loss and you lose nothing, then without having second thoughts, make yourself available for the people who need help or who want someone to be there for them or who need a listener or want to be understood.

Not only for others, but you can also “be someone” for yourself too. If no one is there for helping you then help yourself, if no one is there for supporting you, then be your support, if no one is listening to you then talk to yourself. No one can help you better than you, you need to be your own strength.

Everyone needs satisfaction in life. We want to do the things that will make us happy and satisfied by ourselves. That satisfaction and happiness came by helping others. So try to help others in their need. It’s a common phrase that “As you sow, so shall you reap”. We will get what we will plant. If you want to be understood then start understanding; if you want to get help then start helping, if you want a listener then be a listener, if you want to be supported then provide support, and if you want to be happy then keep others happy with your goodness and with your behaviour.

Posted: 18 Feb 2021

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Thank You.
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Great lesson.
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It's not that simple to be such a nice person living in current world as we have some traits that we brought with us which are emotions, feelings, thoughts, and to BE SOMEONE. Human nature is a pretty complex. We, humans, move like a wave throughout a day at times we want someone listens to us, the very next moment we to be alone...
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Yeah ShawK, it's Human nature, that's what I have said in this article. My main point was "We do the same with others that they had done with us", Why we try to be like them? Why we can't be helpful or supportive to someone who is in need? You said it right that "it's not easy" but is it Impossible? I think not. At least, we can try to be nice.
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Let's not talk about others, can't we be good for ourselves? Isn't it better to be that person for our own selves?
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If you think, one can make oneself happy by helping others for NO reward then go for it. Make yourself happy at any cost. You know, Misbah, the meaning or interpretation of life is different for every other person. But, at times, in life we want to be loved and admired. Anyhow, you are perfectly right in your viewpoints. Keep it up.
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Thanks, ShawK, And I'm not saying that you are wrong and I'm right, You are right at your place and I'm right at mine. It's good that you shared your point.
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Very thanks to you too. Constructive debate is a healthy activity. And I do appreciate difference of opinions as it is the beauty of discussion.
() (1225 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes ago)