Blame Game

Life is not very complicated when you get yourself into some trouble and then start blaming others. You just have to throw the mess that you have created onto some other person who doesn’t even know about this. What an easy way to unburden yourself from the problems that you have created. Knowing about the fact that this will be a big problem for someone else but who cares? We just want a clear path for ourselves by throwing trash on someone else’s path. What an easy way to win, isn’t it? Well if we choose this way then we just don’t deserve to be called winners, we can never be winners by upgrading ourselves and downgrading others.

Let’s just take an example of university life. A student just got admission to some university. It’s his very first day in class. The teacher is instructing the class by saying that no one has to be late in the class, no one should be absent in the class this will reduce your attendance count, keep showing cooperative and positive behavior towards the class, faculty members, and teachers. Every student will be agreed with the teacher temporally because students are happy and it’s their very first day at university but the thing is very few will follow the teacher’s instruction maybe 5 to 10 percent of the students.

Now, what majority of the students will do? Well, they will keep coming late in class, they will bunk lectures while sitting in the cafeteria with their friends, they will show non-serious behavior in the class by disrespecting and mocking their teachers by knowing about the fact that these type of activities and behavior will reduce their grades as the teacher has already given instructions. The insane thing is by keeping this attitude the same students want a 4/4 GPA at the end of the semester but they won’t get good results at the end of the semester. Now, what will they do? They will start the “Blame game” by proving that they are innocent and start blaming their teachers that it’s their teacher’s fault but not theirs. They will keep saying that teacher wasn’t good enough for this subject blah blah and whatsoever. They will offload themselves by blaming their teacher that the teacher has not done well with us. They won’t accept their mistakes because all they can now do is blame which will eventually not work either.

It's just one example; we’re living in a world where this happens in every field of life. People won’t accept their mistakes which are not good but they will do the worst thing and that is “Blaming others”, so they will start blaming others which is absurd. Why don’t we accept the mistakes we have done and move on? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes? Why don’t we try to correct them in the future? Why we people always blame others for the mistakes we have done? Why don’t we think that this will ruin someone’s life? As the above-mentioned example of the university, what if the teacher got suspended because of the blame? What if that specific teacher is the head of his house, what if his only source of income was his teaching profession and he got suspended from the university by getting false blame. Did we ever think about that? Nah, we never did. What we want is just our clear path that’s all. We always blame society knowing about the fact that we are also part of this society as said by someone:

“We blame society

But we are society.”


Posted: 03 Mar 2021

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Sad but that's Reality :/
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yep it is :)
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Bitter fact!
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