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I'm a Student of Bachelor in Computer Sciences at Riphah International University, Adobe Photoshop Editor and I love to read and write articles.

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Fear of a Student

Life is full of difficulties, people will demotivate you because they do not want to see you as a successful personality. They will make fun of your struggle and criticize you for your efforts you are making for your goals. But you have to stay put, positive, and keep struggling. One day or another day you will surely be a successful personality. When you will be a successful personality, stay positive and keep suppo...

(Posted 09 Mar 2021 By Arsal004 )

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The Opposite World

We are living in a world where good things are considered as bad and bad things are considered as good, where evil, terrible and awful things are on trending and good things “Oh, come on these types of things ain’t gonna make us cool”. Sad to say but many of the people nowadays doing adverse activities because they think that they are up to date, by doing weird things makes them cool. They make fun of decent personal...

(Posted 07 Mar 2021 By Arsal004 )

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Blame Game

People won’t accept their mistakes which are not good but they will do the worst thing and that is “Blaming others”, they will start blaming others which is absurd. Why don’t we accept the mistakes we have done and move on? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes? Instead of blaming others we should accept the facts and move on. Society will be much better if everyone accepts their mistakes and does not blame others.

(Posted 03 Mar 2021 By Arsal004 )

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They are always Late

I have seen that people never forgive you for your mistakes, not even for your one little mistake, and forget all the good things you had done so far in your life because of just one little mistake. They ignore your 99 good things and pick your one bad thing over those 99 good things, they use one bad thing as an argument that will bring down you to death and when you die, the same people will say “Oh, He was a good ...

(Posted 01 Mar 2021 By Arsal004 )

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