Futuristic Inventions that actually exist

Imagine not having internet or smartphone for one month or even for one day. We cannot imagine our lives without technology. We are bound with technology in every aspect of life even if we do not want to. Technology has grown so much that we can control our minds. See Mind-Controlled Devices for more information. We have some inventions that are from the future and we wish we had before. Some inventions are as follows:


               What if we have some powder or drink or bars which completes our nutrition what a human body needs? Each Soylent product gives the whole nutrition. They have Soylent drinks in many flavors like Creamy Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Mint Chocolate, and vanilla. Soylent drinks and Soylent Squared chocolate brownie (a bar) are ready to drink or eat. Soylent drinks contain 39 nutrients, 400 calories of slower-burning carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Soylent Squared Chocolate brownie contains 36 nutrients and minerals. For Soylent Powder, we have to add Soylent powder in the boiling water, mix it and drink it. Soylent Powder contains 26 vitamins and minerals per serving.

Gestoos Air Touch Technology

               Gestoos Air touch technology is used to interact with the screens without touching them. It monitors the movement of a human body and responds according to it. We can air-touch the screens. Nowadays, touchscreens are used everywhere in airline checking counters, ticket machines, and many other places, and currently, we are facing a deadly pandemic. Gestoos air touch technology helps us to use touch screens without having the fear to get infected. It is a gadget that converts any touchscreen into a digital screen.

The self-sterilizing Door Handle

               We are trapped in a dangerous pandemic, where we should keep the distance from others and follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), but there are some situations where we do not take care of these SOP like opening or closing the door. Do not be worried, now we have the self-sterilizing door handle. This handle cleans and sanitize itself and reduces the risks of infections or germs.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners with Voice Control

               We are living in a busy world where we do not find time to do many things. How does it feel when robots clean our house, and we control them with our voice? Isn’t it very interesting? We can save time and energy with the robotic vacuum cleaner. We can set it to clean our house daily and save precious time.

Tempe scope 

               Earlier, we used to watch the weather forecast on the news or internet, now we can watch the weather forecast in our house by bringing Tempe Scope. Tempe Scope is a glass box that shows physical weather conditions according to tomorrow’s weather forecast. It displays real lightning, clouds, rain, and sunshine.

3D Printers

 Through 3D printers, we can construct solid 3D (3 Dimensional) objects from a 3D digital model or any Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model. A 3D object is created by plastic, powder grains, and liquid. An object is created through an additive process. In an additive process, the object is created by successive layers of materials.


Posted: 03 Mar 2021

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