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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-6)

In this article, we will discuss some important Interview Questions related to MVC. These questions will help you a lot at the time of your interview. I started this series of interview questions for preparing you for tor your next interview. What is MVC? What is the Workflow of MVC? What are Validations? And why are they Important? What are different types of Validations? What is the Use of the Global.asax file...

(Posted 01 Jun 2021 By Hussnain )

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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-5)

In this article, we will discuss some Important Interview Questions related to C# and ASP .NET. What is ASP?ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is the technology made by Microsoft and which is used to create Dynamic and User-Friendly Web Applications. What is the Difference between C# and ASP .NET?C# is a General Purpose Programming Language that is used to develop Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Game...

(Posted 30 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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Latest Announcement about Entry Test in Pakistan

Due to pandemic situations, the entry test of many universities in Pakistan had been postponed. New dates of entry tests in some universities like SZABIST, ITU, AIR, and GIKI have been announced. Entry test dates, their test pattern, and fee structure are in the article. Some universities take online entry tests while others are taking universities on campus with the Standard Operating System (SOP).

(Posted 23 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-4)

ASP .NET Framework widely uses C# Language for creating web applications and websites. The Concepts of this language are very important for ASP .NET Interview. So in this article, I will discuss some important concepts related to C#. Read-Only Fields could be initialized at the time of Declaration as well as in Constructor but they cannot be declared in methods. It is necessary to initialize Constant Fields at the t...

(Posted 16 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-3)

In this article, I will discuss some Important Interview Questions about Variables and Data Types. Question # 1: What are Value Type and Reference Type? Question # 2: What is the Difference between passing value type and Reference type variables? Question # 3: What are Stack and Heap? Question # 4: What is Implicit and Explicit typecasting? Question # 5: What are Boxing and Unboxing? All these questions are ver...

(Posted 07 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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ECAT 2021 Registration - A Complete Guide

ECAT is the combined Entry test for taking admission in Engineering and Engineering Technology programs in Punjab. University of Engineering and Technology (UET) conducts ECAT tests. Every year thousands of students after Intermediate prepare for this entrance test, register themselves in this test and appear in the entry test for getting admission in Universities. Applying for the ECAT test is a difficult part. Man...

(Posted 04 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-2)

In this article, I will discuss some more Interview Questions which will cover some remaining important concepts of OOP. Overloading: If a class has two functions with the same name and different parameters, then this is called the Overloading of Methods. Overriding: If a child class implements the method which was already implemented in its parent class, then this is called Overriding. In this case, both functions...

(Posted 03 May 2021 By Hussnain )

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ASP .NET Interview Questions (Part-1)

The interview is the most challenging part of getting the job. You have to do your best at the time of the interview. I’m here to discuss with you the most important interview questions and their answers related to Object-oriented Programming. It is not possible to discuss all the questions and their answers in just one article, so in this article, I’ll start with Basic Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts and...

(Posted 29 Apr 2021 By Hussnain )

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Best Universities in Pakistan for Computer Sciences

Computer Science is the most advanced and popular field in Today’s World. Its scope is increasing day by day and because of this most students prefer to choose Computer Science for their career. Computer science is the study of both Software and Hardware Technologies. Learning coding and algorithms is complicated but if you choose University wisely, you will have to less worry about it. Many Universities offer Bac...

(Posted 29 Apr 2021 By Hussnain )

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Will Starlink provide free Internet?

Starlink provides free internet service in a rural school district in Texas. Forty-Five families in Texas are getting free internet that does not have broadband service. In the future, they will expand to 90 more families in that area. You have to pay a one-time $499 for WIFI-router, power supply, cables, mounting tripod, and satellite dish. Currently, around 1300 satellites are in orbit and want to send more tha...

(Posted 21 Apr 2021 By Hussnain )

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Top Skills to Learn in 2021

If you are looking to learn new skills online that can help you in earning money and becoming successful, then this blog is for you. I have listed some top skills that you could learn from the comfort of your home in this pandemic situation. Drop Shopping is a form of retail store where the seller accepts the order and ships it to the buyer directly after purchasing it from a third party. In drop-shipping, the seller...

(Posted 08 Apr 2021 By Hussnain )

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Facebook in talks with PTA to set up its office in Pakistan

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Around 2.7 billion users are all over the world and around 40 million users are in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) thinks that the Facebook office should open in Pakistan. PTA tried to convince Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to open an office in Pakistan. PTA officials told in a hearing of the petition in Islamabad High Court against the sacrile...

(Posted 29 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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Large Asteroid to Closely Pass by Earth

Have you ever heard about an asteroid passing by earth? If yes, then it’s well in good but if no, then here’s news for you that an asteroid is closely passing by the earth in upcoming days. On Thursday, 11 March 2021, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US Space Agency, said that the fastest and the largest asteroid is going to closely pass Earth on Sunday, 21 March 2021. Many asteroids passed E...

(Posted 14 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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FBR sent Tax Notices to Pakistani Freelancers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of Pakistan announced to send bulk notices to the Freelance Community of Pakistan. FBR said that they have uncovered a “Mega Scam” of more than 60 Billion PKR. The Government of Pakistan takes taxes on everything in Pakistan. FBR exposed that the citizens, to be more specific, Freelancers of Pakistan along with the “Payoneer”, an American Company of Financial Services, did a mega sc...

(Posted 10 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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WhatsApp rolls out calling feature for Desktop App

Around two billion users use WhatsApp that is bought by Facebook for 19 Billion US Dollars in February 2014. WhatsApp has become a very important part of our lives. We all know about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application where we send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages that can be text, voice messages, images, or videos, and make audio and video calls. In the mobile versions, we have an option of calling, but i...

(Posted 06 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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Futuristic Inventions that actually exist

Imagine we have no internet or smartphone for one month or even for one day. We cannot imagine our life without technology. We are bound with technology in every aspect of life even if we do not want to. Technology has grown so much that we can control our minds. See Mind-Controlled Devices for further information. We have some inventions that are from the future and we wish we had before. Some inventions explained i...

(Posted 03 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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Google Announces Generation Scholarship in Pakistan

Generation Scholarship is the scholarship provided by Google to Computer Science students or the students who are related to the engineering field. It was previously not available in Pakistan but Now Google announced that they will award Generation Scholarship to the female students who are studying computer science or who are focusing on engineering for their bright future. Google announced that the Generation Schol...

(Posted 02 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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Mind-Controlled Devices

We have mind-controlled devices that use an Electroencephalography (EEG) system. EEG is an electrophysiological technique to track record electrical activity of the brain. Sometimes, we all wish to control things with our brain or control our minds with some devices. We want to have some devices that read our mind and write it on our computer whatever going on in our heads. Facebook, the most valuable tech company in...

(Posted 01 Mar 2021 By Hussnain )

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Speed Up your PC

Everyone has a problem with PC or laptop being slow after some months or year of buying. There could be many reasons for this. I will tell you 10 free and easy methods to check and resolve the issues that will speed up your PC. First Method is to Disable the Startup programs from your PC. These startup programs keep running in the background and slow down your PC. For disabling them, open “Task Manager”. Go to the “...

(Posted 25 Feb 2021 By Hussnain )

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7 Working Methods to Earn Money from Home

There are students who are studying and whose parents have very low income so they also want to earn money to support their parents financially but they don’t find time to go to a specific company at specific hours of the day. Doing online work is the best option for them to earn money. I have explained the 7 easier and effective methods for earning money from home. Take the idea and start implementing then for earni...

(Posted 22 Feb 2021 By Hussnain )

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