Many persons are stuck in the thought of Holding on or Letting go. They cannot decide either they should hold on or let go. This type of situation can occur in a love relationship, friendship, and your job, etc. One should know how to create a balance between Holding On and Letting Go. Many things happen in life as you win, you lose, you overcome difficulties, you laugh, you cry, and you got embarrassed, etc., it’s an endless cycle. You need to be strong to handle things correctly because no one teaches us how to get through situations or how to decrease your suffering or pain, others can just help you nothing more, so you have to do everything on your own.

Holding on or letting go is the most difficult situation where you got stuck between your Mind and your Heart. Your mind says “It’s enough, just LET GO” and your heart says “Have some patience, and HOLD ON”. It’s not that what your heart saying is wrong or what your mind saying is wrong, both have their valid points. You got confused because of your mind and heart, in this situation you have to do struggle to make the best decision, the decision that needs to be taken, and then you need to hold on to that decision for long. What you should do to find the best decision? How to decide what will be helpful for your happy future?  

Well, in this type of situation when you got stuck, you need to ask questions from yourself. Suppose you are in a relationship, either love or friendship, and you are hurt because something very unexpected happened and now you are hurt, you are thinking what should you do? You find yourself unable to decide whether you should hold on to that relationship or let go. It’s a most challenging situation and you are stuck in it, then asking yourself questions could help the most in taking the best decision. Think about the possibilities that will happen after your decision and then take the best decision.

Ask what will be your condition if you decided to hold on? Are you prepared for everything like pain, suffering, and hurt if you decided to hold on? What will happen if you agreed to let go? Will you be able to live without that person? Will you help yourself to get through the person after leaving that person? How your life will be after that person or with that person?

When you find answers to all these questions then it will be easy for you to decide between holding on and letting go. I’ll now tell you my opinion about when you should let go and when you should hold on in a relationship.

When to HOLD ON?

If you think that you cannot live without that person or if you tried to live but can’t; if you still have left with some hopes from your relationship; if you think that the person is hurting you just to make you strong enough to fight with the things on your own; if you are still completely trusting that person; if you think that difficult time happens in every relationship and you both will fight this and will be happy once again; if you are hurt because of you partner but still want him/her by your side; if you think that your life will be much better with that person than without that person, and if you still find some good things in your relationship, then just decide to HOLD ON and give time to your relationship. Everything will be good soon enough.

When to LET GO?

If your relationship is giving you only pain and pain; if you feel insecure around that person; if you are lacking in trust; if you find NO moment of happiness with him/her; if you think that you are in a toxic relationship; if you start to feel suffocation in your relationship; if you think about the good previous memories more than your present; then it’s time to LET GO and move on. You need to totally leave that person, release yourself from pain and hurt, give yourself complete freedom from that person and his memories. I’m not saying that end the pain right after you decided to let go, yes it will take time to get back to normal so give yourself time but be strong ASAP and be happy with the thought that “Everything happens for good.

One last thing I want to add is when you decided to hold on, then prepare yourself for everything and when you decided to let go, then actually let that person go.

Posted: 14 Jan 2021

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its hard
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Yup you need to set boundaries in every relation you have through out your life. It would be more sorted to let go or to hold on in that way.
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NayabCh Yes.
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