How to Control your Anger?

I don’t need to explain what anger is and how it feels to be angry because everyone is well aware of it. Everyone deals with anger almost every day. Some people get angry over small things and some people tolerate big things with a smile on their face. It is normal to get angry; it’s a healthy emotion as long as it is under control. The real damage occurs when it gets out of our control. When it’s not in our control, we start to act strangely and behave rudely, we lose our sense of thinking, and we start to do what we don’t want to do. It affects our mental state, our career, our physical health, and our relationships. That’s why it needs to be controlled. We should be able to control this anger; here are some tips that might help in controlling or reducing your anger:

  • Whenever you are angry, take a deep breath and try to remove this feeling of anger from your mind.
  • Count the digits from 1 to 10 or 100. The time you take to count them will help in reducing your anger and slowing down your heart rate. Some people completely cool down themselves with this technique.
  • Many studies express that exercise can help in controlling anger because it has positive impacts on our mood. Whenever you are angry and there is a possibility that it can take control over you, go out for a walk or a run in fresh air or do other exercises.
  • When you think your anger or your actions can hurt others then practice some skills that may help in relaxing your mind. Imagine something good that happened to you or try to calm yourself by repeating different phrases like “Relax”, “Calm”, or “Take it easy” by taking deep breaths, it will divert your mind and help you to control your anger.
  • When there is a reason behind your anger like someone has said NO for something or you are fighting with your friend then leave the conversation or remove yourself from that environment. Suppose you are having an argument with your parents or they are scolding you for something in which you proves to be right, you got angry and want to shout in front of them, it’s better to leave that place than to be rude to them because it is not right, you should respect your parents no matter what. Even if you are right and they are wrong at something, you have no right to talk to them badly so just leave. Listening to music or watching movies or seasons will help you change your mood.
  • When you are feeling angry or you are mad at someone then talk with a friend who listens to you, understands your situation, and supports you. Tell him the reason behind your anger, he will tell you a different perspective of the situation and will suggest a new way of handling the situation.
  • If you think that talking to someone isn’t helping then write down your anger in your diary. Writing down your feelings will help in reducing anger.
  • When you feel that your anger has increased so much that it is taking control over you and your life and you think that you cannot control it then ask for help from professionals. This will be much helpful for controlling your anger.

Anger takes away our ability to think and understand which can make us a bad human so don’t let it take control over you. “Control your anger before it controls you.”

Posted: 08 Jan 2021

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In my next fight em gonna count take it easy 100 times and come home with swollen eyes.
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jk, helpful a lot.
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Jo maths main weak woh kya kry?
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I started counting to control my anger and now, I don't know what number comes next; this scenario is making me more angry. What should I do? HELP ME PLEASE!
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Mubashir apkay liye aik article lkhti hu "How to memorize numbers",, umeed hai us se apki HELP ho jaye gi ;)
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I have another option...what I do is....starts crying🤣🤣🤣
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Haha Good Aqsa ;)
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