How to Find Happiness?

Happiness is a much-needed thing in everyone’s life.  Many have asked can we find happiness? If yes then How to find happiness?  Where is happiness? What are the things that lead us to happiness?  Is there any key to find happiness? Or is there any formula, a secret one, to find happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy but do you know what the actual meaning of happiness or being happy is? I think, NOT. So firstly, let’s see what happiness actually is.

Happiness is actually because of our state of mind; it’s the satisfaction of the mind. It’s the emotional state of mind because of our positive thinking. It ranges from the satisfaction of our mind to an intense level of joy and it’s our “way of being.” Robert Holden said

“Happiness is who you are minus your neuroses. In other words, happiness is your original state minus the belief that happiness has to be bought, or minus the fear that happiness is somewhere else. Inner happiness is a release from foolish external conditioning and a return to divine saneness.”

Now the next question that comes to mind is How to find Happiness? Before going into a detailed explanation about this, tell me one thing, can we really find happiness? I think not really, we can't actually find it; it's not the thing that could be found. It’s not the thing that you wake up one day having. Now you might think that if you can't find happiness then how could one stay happy?  Simply, by creating it. You need to create happiness for being happy, you have to build habits and over time you will start to feel happier.

It’s a fact that we can’t find happiness, we just create it by our positivity. If we have a positive mind and if we think positively, we will find happiness even in the smallest thing, and on the other hand, if we are filled with negativity and if we think negatively about everything, we will never find happiness.

For example, the person with negative thoughts thinks that “He is not good enough or he is bad or he cannot do anything on his own or people hate him” and these thoughts make him sad, depressed, and ashamed of himself which will lead him to unhappiness. On the other hand, the person with positive thoughts thinks that “He is good or he can do everything he wants to or people love him” and these thoughts make him feel proud which will lead to happiness. So, it means that your thoughts have a great impact on Creating happiness or unhappiness.

I said that positive thoughts lead us to happiness but I know that it is not easy to have positive thoughts all the time. We are humans and we can’t always have “Just Positive thoughts”, our mind is a mixture of both negative and positive thoughts then what are the things that will help us to have positive thoughts? What will motivate us to be positive?

Our Positive Actions, Our Positive Self-Talk, and our focus on good things rather than bad are the key points that can help us to have positive thoughts. So start practicing for being happy and create your own happiness in every moment.

“Be Positive, Be Happy.”

Posted: 29 Mar 2021

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People want to be happy but they not create it. Remember, you can't always relay on happiness made by other. Make your own.
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Nowadays, happiness is something that is present in words only. The race to get more and more money in the society cannot make us feel happy. And we all know we are on the wrong track but we then tend to move on and on... Sadly we going nowhere...
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