How University Helps Us Grow?

Higher Education is very helpful in building your future. The students who choose to complete their Bachelor’s Degree have more chances to get a job and build their strong future. After intermediate, some students decide to get their higher education from open universities & some students decide to get it by going to different Universities according to their interests. For getting Education, going to university is the best option. This helps in learning things earlier & in an easier way.

University not only helps you grow academically but also helps you grow personally. It develops a lot of personal skills in you. University helps you in:

Becoming a Confident Person

Confidence is very important in the development of your personality. We should be confident. Going to University helps you gain a lot of confidence. Every day in university, you face different challenges & these challenges help you gain more & more confidence.

Enhancing Communication Skills

It helps you learn great communication skills. Some of us get confused or nervous while talking to an unknown person which is not good for our personality development. Communication skills are necessary in almost every field, for example, if you start freelancing & don’t have good communication skills then you cannot become a good freelancer. When you go to university, you learn how to talk to others, in this way you can express yourself in a much better way.

Being Practical

It helps you grow practically. Many of us are immature, by facing many things in university & then learning from them increases our maturity level which is very important for everyone to become a practical person. We start to see things from a different perspective.

Being Independent

It makes you independent. You learn to do your work without the help of any other person. You don’t have to beg others or wait for others to do your work.

I’m not saying all this because I have heard it but I’m saying it because I have experienced it. Now I am going to share my experience with you all.

I have completed my 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from GC University, Lahore. I have spent the four most important years of my life at university. Apart from my studies, I learned a lot there. In 2016, when I got admission in the university, I was not a confident person, I was afraid to face people especially I was afraid to talk to them, & I feel no shame in accepting that back then I was not a mature person. I was only confident around the people whom I call my friends. It was difficult for me to go to university because I was a scared child. I had a lot of things going on my mind on the night before the first day. I could not sleep properly that night because of anxiety & nervousness; I think it's natural many of us feel the same before going to any new place or before a new start. My sister was also studying there which was a good thing for me. Well, I went to university & my sister sent her friend with me so that she can show me the classrooms & after that, she left. There I met four of my class fellows with whom I became friends & we exchanged our phone numbers on the very first day, I know it was a bit early to trust anyone but I trusted them & they are still my friends. My sister told me to go to the Ladies Lounge or Girls Cafe in my free time & that’s what I did. I used to go to the class only at the time of the lectures. My interaction with my classmates was very less because I was not confident & was afraid to talk & ask for help. But then I encouraged myself by thinking that people here are not any strange creatures or monsters, they are human just like me. This positive thinking gave me the confidence to talk to them & to get help from them whenever needed. I made myself a strong & confident person. I started to act maturely and practically. University changed me a lot as a person.

You experience a lot of things in University which makes you a positive, mature, & strong person than before so try to utilize the time you spent in university by doing your best.

Posted: 30 Dec 2020

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