How writing helps us?

Writing is the ability to explain or describe our feelings or ideas to others. Writing is important. It improves our logic makes our mind strong. Our right side of the brain is more creative, and the left side of our brain is more logical. By writing, we use both sides of the brain. Writing helps us to think more creatively. Here are some benefits of writing:

Clear the Minds

Writing helps us to clear our minds. We can understand things better when our mind is clear. We can make better decisions. When you have a lot of problems, then write all the problems and their possible solutions and then choose one right solution.

Improves Communication Skill

If we do not know writing, we find it more difficult to communicate with others. We do not know how to share our ideas with others, and people do not understand us, and poor communication can lead to frustration and misunderstanding. Good writing will help in great communication skills.

Mental Health

Writing improves mental health. When you are feeling depressed or anxious, then just grab a pen and a notebook or smartphone/laptop, open the notepad and write whatever you have in your mind. This technique helps you to improve your mental health.

Builds Discipline

When we have a routine of writing, then discipline builds. We know we have the time and write whatever we have in our minds. We have a habit to write out the to-do list, and then we try to be punctual. Research tells that “You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them”.   

Improves Memory

Writing also helps us to improve our memory. We recall our ideas, emotions, and routine to write down that boosts the ability to retain the information. 


As we all know a famous proverb “Practice makes a man perfect”. If we are writing, then our grammar and vocabulary improve. In the beginning, we all are bad writers, and then from time to time and after the practice, we become good writers. As Anne Lamott said: “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” We will know how to share our ideas with others.

Clarifies the idea

When we are writing our ideas, then there is a possibility that we find more good ideas or clarify our idea than before. 

Everyone has a book inside them

Everyone has a book inside them, whether they notice it or not. Everyone has different experiences. People share their experience that motivates others. Autobiography is the famous category. 

More Organized

When you write what is in your head, then you think with more clarity. Your thoughts are more organized than before. It is an easier way to organize your thoughts. By organizing your thoughts, you think better.

Writing improves social skills

If you want to become an extrovert or you are an extrovert, then writing is very important for you. If someone is shy or hesitant to talk to others, then how could he become an extrovert? He has to improve his writing skills so he can improve his communication skills as well. As I said before, writing improves communication skills, and you can transfer your information by communication. So try to build a habit of writing daily.

Posted: 25 Jan 2021

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