It is OKAY to say NO!!

NO is a small word but it has some dangerous impacts on our life because saying NO seems difficult to many of us just because we don’t want to be called unhelpful or rude. We don’t say no because we don’t want to hurt others.

When someone requests us to do something for them, we have the right to decide whether we should say yes or no; we have to choose according to our mind & our availability at that time. Many of us say yes without thinking that they are busy with something else because they don’t want to be considered arrogant. We put other’s works before ours even though it is less important than our own work. The questions arise here are: Is it always necessary to say yes? Is it necessary to put others or their needs before yourself?

Well, the answer to these questions is a big NO. We don’t always need to put others before us & it is not necessary to say yes. One more question comes to mind that if not yes then NO, is it okay to say no?

Yes, it is totally okay to say NO. Saying no could be more beneficial than saying yes. When you say no, you take a decision to not do that work but when you say yes, you take responsibility for that work, you have to do that no matter what.

Some of us face difficulty in saying no especially when our friend, our family member, or our relative asks us to do their work, we immediately reply to them with “Yes, of course, I will do it” without even thinking about whether you can do that work or not. In this way, we pressurize ourselves with a responsibility that is not even ours. Sometimes because of this pressure, we become angry or frustrated & we start to lose control of our mind which is not good for our health and mood so saying no can be more helpful for us.

Josh Billings said that:

"Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying YES too quickly and not saying NO soon enough."

Now the thing is we think that if we say no for something to people who are very close to us, they will be hurt, disappointed & they will feel bad; & that’s true, they will think that we are not available for their work. So in this type of case, the best thing to do is telling them the reason behind our refusal, they will understand your situation.

One more thing, I’m not saying that always saying no to others is a good thing or it is ok, it is okay when you have no other option except it. If you can do something and still say no then it’s wrong, it means you are rude and not helpful to others.

Just prepare yourself to say no when you are busy or when you don’t want to do that work, it is far better than saying yes and not doing that work. Decide according to the situations of you & sometimes others.

Posted: 02 Jan 2021

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