Let them Walk Away

If somebody can walk away from your life, let them walk away. You should not have to convince anybody to love you. If they can walk, let them go, if they leave you, it means they are not attached to your future.”

A motivational speaker, Alex Cars, said it, and I totally agree with that. This is what you should do; you should let the person walk away who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you or who doesn’t give respect to you.

Everyone has relationships; you are all related or linked to someone in a bond or a relation. This could be a bond of love, this could be a bond of friendship, or this could be a bond of marriage. You want your relationship to last longer; you try your best to keep the relation and you even face insult and humiliation just to save a relationship. But sometimes all your efforts prove to be fruitless. There comes a time when you have to distance yourself from the person you love or you care about, sometimes because of the betterment of that person and sometimes for your own betterment. But everyone still finds it difficult to let your loved one go even if the separation is for your good.

You can’t encourage yourself to let him go because you have told your mind that you cannot live without that person and you need none other than that person. It happens because you have made that person your habit but let me remind you one thing “Habits are deadly.” You are mature and you know what’s good for you and what’s bad for you but you still want the person who is making torturing you daily or who is just making you sad.

I agree that being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling and the relationships are lovely but not all the time or let’s say not all relationships. You convince people not to leave you; you beg people to stay with you but “Is it necessary?” Let’s also go of the necessity, should you do this? Should you convince others to love you or care for you? It is a more important question than necessary. Should you beg people to stick with you? Should you fight for a relationship in which the other person doesn’t want it to be saved? Is the relationship worth fighting for?

I think, NOT. You should not need to fight for the toxic relationship which is only hurting you. You should not force anybody to be with you or to love you. Keep in mind that if someone doesn’t want to be with you, he can’t be with you. Sooner or later he will leave you alone fighting for happiness. That’s why I’m saying that fighting for a relationship where the other person is not interested is nothing but a total waste. Suppose you saved a relationship after so many tries and after so much insult but will it last longer? Sadly, NO. Will that person not try to leave you whenever he felt like leaving? Obviously, YES. The person who doesn’t value a relationship will only need an excuse to leave you. Such type of relationships breaks up very easily and quickly.

Most people say that “One-Sided Love is Beautiful”, well, yeah, One-sided love could be beautiful but One-Sided Relationships are not.” They are toxic for you and your happy life. If only one person is interested and if only one person is trying hard to save a relationship, it means that the relationship doesn’t have a future, it means that the person could not be with you for a long run, it means that the person is not attached to your future. You should leave the person who has no love or care or concern for you and who wants to leave you. Let those people walk away from your life who don’t love you or who don’t care about you because they don’t deserve you. Who can stop the goer? So,

".جانے والی کو راستہ دو, واسطہ نہیں"

People think they rejected you because of their reasons but actually, it's God’s planning. Let GOD guide you for your better future, let GOD guide you towards the way of your happiness.

People’s Rejection is GOD’s Protection.

Posted: 24 Feb 2021

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Hath pkar k chor k ao 😝
() (1190 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes ago)


hahah Sana tm kar b sakti ye :D
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Nice dp dearzz
() (1186 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes ago)


Wonderful, it's a good read. With your permission, I just want to back your arguments with some of mine viewpoint regarding the similar topic. Firstly, a true relationship does not require any effort or excuse to stay for a while or longer as you mentioned in the blog. Secondly, if someone truly belongs to you; let him/her free to wander in the world, he/she would come back to you. JUST LET HIM/HER FREE.
() (1180 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes ago)


Thanks ShawK. And Yes, you are right, we should let him/her free.
() (1180 days, 15 hours, 34 minutes ago)


wow what a lines! cool...
() (1102 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes ago)


Thank you ZainabGhuryani 😊
() (1101 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes ago)