Lord's Favors

We, the Humans, were sent to this world with many blessings. GOD has made us. He who is the Lord of the East and the West. He showed up many signs of his existence and his being with us all the time. He has blessed everyone with a lot of his blessings like he has given us the Eyes to watch, Mouth to speak and eat, Tongue to feel the taste, Nose to feel the smell, Brain to think, Heart to feel emotions, Feet to walk and run, Hands to write and to do many works, and the Ears to hear the voices. Everyone is incomplete without any of these blessings. For example, if someone doesn’t have eyes, he/she will not be able to watch the things happening around him; he will not be able to watch the beautiful scenery of the world, and so on. GOD blesses everyone with his endless blessings and we should be thankful for everything to GOD. Now the question is what if someone has fewer blessings than another? What if we think that GOD doesn’t love us or he loves others (who have more blessings) more than us? What if we start complaining instead of thanking?

These are some questions that lead us to ungratefulness. When we see people who are more blessed than we are, we start to complain to GOD, we start to feel jealous, we forget about the blessings that the Lord has provided us more than the people who have even fewer blessings than us. When we start to think things like this, we become ungrateful which is not a good thing. So we should look at the people who are less blessed than us, we will become thankful; we will thank GOD for all the favors he provided us. We should be thankful to GOD for all of his favors.

His favors are endless. He reminds us by providing many blessings that we should be grateful to the Lord for all His mercies. The GOD not only gives us but also stays with us no matter what. Suppose we give someone something that he needs, he says us Thank you, and then we leave him alone for doing what he wants but the GOD says I’m giving you, I’m not going to leave you alone, and I’m making you understand that whatever you are seeing, I’m the source of it and I’ll provide you the things that will be good for you not the things that you want if they are bad for you. Our Lord says that in my mercy, you will find me, you will find faith, and you will come back to me. We should spend the blessings he has provided us in his way, to get closer to him not to get away from him; we should thank him for the things he provided us instead of complaining about the thing he has not given us.

Sometimes the blessing he has given us becomes a curse for us but the question is HOW? How could a blessing become a curse? Sadly it’s because of us; we are responsible for making blessing a curse. If we start to become ungrateful and we start to spend his blessings in a wrong way, it will become a curse for us. To be more clear in this concept let’s quote an example of it. Suppose we want money, we ask our Lord for it by praying and then he blesses us with it, we got happy by saying that it’s a mercy and favor from our GOD and then we thank for him but after that we forget how to use that money in his way, to get closer to him, we start using it for wrong purposes which will take us far away from our GOD then that money will become a curse for us.

We are not thankful to GOD for many of his favors and we are lost in the life of the world that we deny the favors he blessed us with and we have put ourselves in a wrong way, we are becoming the slaves of the money, and this world that we have forgotten our GOD, we have become arrogant that the things we have are not God’s blessing but we have everything on our own, and in this way, we turn our hearts away from our Lord. In the end, all these thoughts will lead us to a bad ending of ours.

We should thank our Lord for his endless blessings, mercies, and favors. We should pray that may we never go far away from our Lord, may we never become ungrateful, and may we never become slaves of this world that we forget the GOD who has provided us everything.

Posted: 29 Jan 2021

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