Mind-Controlled Devices

Sometimes, we all wish to control things with our brain or control our minds with some devices. We want to have some devices that read our mind and write it on our computer whatever going on in our heads. We think that there would be some device that writes the words what we want to write and send it from our mobile phone or use our mobile phones through our brain. We all wish to have these kinds of gadgets, and we all know that Information Technology is progressing day by day, and we will have Mind-Controlled gadgets in the future. Facebook, the most valuable tech company in the world, trying to create a gadget that will write down the words we have in our brain and send a message to the recipient.

We have mind-controlled devices that use an Electroencephalography (EEG) system. EEG is an electrophysiological technique to track record electrical activity of the brain. Some devices are as follows:


Muse is an interesting device. It is a headband that is used to control focus on our brainwaves. If we find ourselves unable to focus on anything, then we can use this device. It is also used for meditation and relaxation. This device is connected to the dedicated smartphone application. We just have to wear it, and it tracks our brain functions, and we understand our brain activity by using this application.


Modius has three types: Modius Slim (for reducing weight), Modius Sleep (for good sleep), and Modius Stress (for reducing stress). It is a headband. The makers of modius tell us that this device generates a low level of electric pulse that is inferred to the brain as a signal. We can reduce weight by wearing it on our heads. It reduces weight by decreasing the appetite and cravings. We can reduce stress without taking any pills.

Shippo and Necomimi

These devices are very interesting and cute. Shippo is a device like a fake furry tail. It moves with our mood. If we are happy and relaxed, then it moves like a furry animal. An application records our mood and also saves the location. We can also share our moods on social media apps.

Necomimi is a device that looks like fake cat ears. It moves and stands up when we are concentrating on anything. This device reads our brain waves and shows emotions.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS)

TDCS is a device that is used to increase memory, enhance problem-solving skills, learn new things, and improve hand-eye coordination response time. This device passes a small amount of electric current in the specific parts of our brain. Two types of stimulation are held in the TDCS, one is anodal stimulation and another one is cathodal stimulation. Anodal stimulation helps to excite neural activity, while cathodal stimulation helps to reduce neural activity.


Puzzlebox Orbit

Puzzlebox Orbit is an educational brain-controlled helicopter. It is operated with the EEG Headset to read our brainwaves. We can fly the helicopter by focusing and clearing our minds. Focusing and relaxation skills were also developed by the Puzzlebox Orbit. When we grasp our goal, the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter will launch and fly as long as we maintain our goal. 

Posted: 01 Mar 2021

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