12 reasons why Pakistan is best place to live!

Pakistan, which came into existence on 14 August 197 after a lot of efforts and struggles. The word Pakistan is the combination of two words “Pak” which means pure or holy and “istan” derived from the Hindi word isthan means place. Pakistan is one of the best countries to live in; here are the reasons why it is considered to be the best place to live.

  1. Hospitality

Everyone talks about the hospitality of Pakistan. The people here are most hospitable; they welcome everyone with so much love and respect them a lot. The hospitality in Pakistan is so amazing they don’t let visitors from outside Countries pay for anything.

  1. Pakistan is safe

Many people say that Pakistan is a country of terrorists and it’s not safe to visit or live in Pakistan but it’s not true. It’s a safe country to live in. The armed forces of Pakistan put their best efforts to keep everyone safe. Whenever outsiders visit Pakistan, the police try to provide them complete safety and security. The Pakistani government assigns bodyguards for their safety of outsiders at their own expense. Besides that, terrorists are everywhere; no one can blame only Pakistan for terrorism.

  1. The beautiful Landscape

Pakistan is blessed with the most beautiful landscape. It has five of the highest mountain peaks in the world and many places to visit in your free time. The scenery here is so beautiful that it attracts everyone.

  1. People are kind

The people of Pakistan are kind to others. They love to serve the poor and treat them with love and respect. They don’t let anyone near them go to bed hungry.

  1. Weather of Pakistan

Pakistan is the only country that is blessed with all four seasons i.e., Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Every season duration is almost three to four months.

  1. Food

Pakistan has amazing, delicious recipes all over the world. They make recipes with a lot of spices and special herbs because they like spicy food. 

  1. Incredible Architectures

Many mosques and forts are located in Pakistan. In Lahore, Mughals constructed incredible architectures like Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, and Tomb of Jahangir.

  1. Festivals

Many festivals are held in Pakistan every year. All the festivals have their features. Shab e Barat, Mela chiraghan, Eid ul Fitar, Eid ul Zuha, and Basant are the famous festivals in Pakistan.

  1. Culture

Pakistanis are very cultural. They are very close to their culture and religion. They wear traditional clothes and they also like poetry and literature. Pakistan came into existence to provide its people system like Islam. So, most people who lived here are Muslims.

  1. Handicrafts

Pakistan makes high-quality handicrafts like woodwork, leatherwork, carpet making, ivory, and metal crafts. It is very popular all over the world. 

  1. Family Bonds

Pakistanis love to live with their family because of their religion, culture, and social values. They know the values of every relationship that exists in their life. Before marriage, an individual associates with his father, and after marriage, a girl moves to his husband's house and be considered one of them.  

  1. Sports

Pakistanis love to play sports especially cricket. Some people spend their free time playing cricket and watch cricket matches at home or at the stadium. They also play badminton, hockey, squash, and polo.

Posted: 18 Jan 2021

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