People LOVE and they LEAVE

Love, the most beautiful feeling in the world, completes a person. It makes people actually live their lives. When we love someone, we want him to be with us all the time; we want to share everything with the person we love, we want a love that consumes us, we want to be in a healthy relationship with that person, and above all, we want that relationship to last for eternity. But is this possible? Can someone who loves you stick with you all his life? Can someone make you his/ her priority for eternity? Can you be important to the person you love?

Well, the answers to these questions are YES, NO, MAYBE. I know it’s confusing and is difficult to accept that the person who claimed to love you, who has made promises to you, who used to say that you are his priority, who said that you are important to him more than anything in his life, and who said that you are the most beautiful thing ever happened to him, left you.

When such a person leaves you or tells you that “he loves you but can’t be with you”, so many questions arise in your mind like how the BREAKUP happened? How could he leave you if you were his only priority and if you were the most important person for him? Why would that person leave you? The possibility of questions increases exponentially when the person leaves you without telling you anything; when he/she suddenly disappears, it’s the most difficult situation, you start to think what was your mistake? Was the love or relationship you both had fake? Was that all a lie? You find difficulty in finding the answers to these questions, so let me tell you some general reasons about why that happened what happened.

If a person says that he loves and still leaves you, there could be many different reasons behind it. One reason is that he never loved you or respected you; when he/she said he loves you but actually didn’t, you were only a time pass to him/her. “I Love You” were only words, he didn’t mean that. Saying I love you is easy but proving it is a far cry from that. Some people say that if there is love, then there is trust and you don’t need to prove your love but I don’t agree with that, I believe that you should prove your love to your partner, you should make your partner comfortable with you, you should make them feel happy around you, you should prove them you are his only priority, you should build a relationship of not only love but also trust and respect.

Another reason may be that he didn’t find himself perfect for you, he/she felt that you can’t live a happy life with him/her. This type of love is the most beautiful of all, it’s pure love. If this is the condition then it means that no one can love you more than him. If someone tells you this reason for leaving you, then don’t let him go, keep that person with you forever.

Another reason for leaving you could be that the person started to feel less secure around you, the person began to think that he/she has less respect in this relationship, the person started to feel suffocated in the relationship, and the person started to think that you are not a supportive partner for him/her. Emotional Support is the most wanted thing in any relationship. When someone doesn’t feel emotionally supported by you, sooner or later, he will leave you. It doesn’t mean that he never loved you or he loves you no more, it’s just that sometimes one has to choose different paths that could lead to a better future. Many think differently on this point, it’s my point, you are free to tell me yours.

Another reason for someone to leave you could be because of his/her family. He/she may be requested or forced by his/her family to marry someone else, or sometimes he has to leave you for respecting the decision of his parents. It is most difficult for the person who loved someone else with all his heart to accept some other person as his partner.

Posted: 21 Jan 2021

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I have learnt to live without living, its hard and sad.
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