Sindh rejected HEC's Policy

In 2017, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan issued the notification. According to that notification, it was decided that the 2-years BA/BSC program will be terminated after 2018 and the 2-years MA/MSC program will be terminated after 2020. Federal HEC said that only those students will be allowed to complete their 2-years BA/BSC education that will be enrolled before 31st December 2018. HEC said that only students of the 4-years program will be given Authorized Degree. This notification was sent to all universities of all provinces of Pakistan. Other than that, HEC also instructed the universities to finish their Private Associate Degree Program (ADP) and said to only offer regular Associate Degree Program. HEC only permitted Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University to offer Private ADP.

780 Government Colleges and 30 Government Universities of Punjab finished their 2-years BA/BSC program after this notification by federal HEC. HEC said that the students who enrolled after 31st December 2018 will not get their degrees.

Many opposed this decision of the Federal Government. They said that HEC should not finish the 2-year degree programs; they tried to change the mind of the authorities of the federal government but not get succeeded.  However, yesterday, the Sindh Government has rejected the decision of the federal government. They say that they will continue to offer 2-years program and will not cancel the degree of the students who are enrolled in a 2-years program because it will be unfair to the students.

In the Sindh Assembly Committee room, the adviser of Boards and Universities, Nisar Ahmad Khuhro announced that the Sindh government will not follow the rules of federal HEC about abolishing the 2 years degree program and said that the students will continue to get 2-year education and the universities will continue to offer this program. He said that this decision of the federal government is an ATTACK on the autonomy of Provinces. He talked about the 18th Amendment; he said that this Amendment clearly explained that the Education sector of Pakistan came under the Provincial Authority. The Higher Education Commission of Sindh has been established based on the 18th Amendment.

In 2018, the Sindh Universities Amendment Act had been passed by the Sindh Assembly. According to this, all the universities have the right to decide about the program they will offer. Mr. Khuhro further said that the federal government is violating the autonomy of the Universities along with the autonomy of Provinces. He said that:

“We don’t accept all the policies federal Higher Education Commission has made on its own and we allow all the universities to continue to offer all the programs they are offering according to the autonomy and rights are given in Universities Act.”

The Certificates and the Degrees of the Students are first verified by the federal government and then issued to the students but now Mr. Khuhro said that the certificates and degrees of the students will not be sent to federal HEC for verification, only Sindh Universities will be allowed to verify the degrees and certificates, and they will not compromise on 18th Amendment.

Posted: 05 Feb 2021

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