Stop Blaming Others

Blaming other means to declare other person for unpleasant situations or mistakes. Almost, we all have a habit of blaming others. We blame others instead of accepting our mistakes because we think it is difficult to accept them and apologize to others. Many people blame their friends, parents, and other relationships for their unhappiness and unsuccessful life. It is true that we face many difficulties in our life and sometimes it is because of our friends and family members but we do not have to blame them for the situation. If we are not satisfied with our life, it is just because of us. If we are spending unsuccessful life, it is just because of us. If we do not feel happy, it is just because of us. It is our choice to stay happy or unhappy. Try to find out your happiness in small things. If we learn to accept our faults and say sorry to others, then we'll feel happy.

Life is like a roller-coaster. We want life to be fair with us, but we face many ups and downs in our lives. When we feel anything unfair to us, we cannot digest it and blame others for the unfair situations. 



If we blame others for our mistakes, then we will never make ourselves better and we will never be satisfied with our lives. Try to be satisfied with whatever you have. It is the easier way to stay happy. By blaming others, we temporarily feel satisfied, but in the long run, we feel regret and unsatisfied. We will face those situations again and again because we never make ourselves better.

We blame others because we feel insulted when we accept our mistakes in front of others. We do not think they will appreciate us for confessing our mistakes, and for apologizing to them. We are humans, and there is no one who has never make a mistake. It is fine to do mistakes, but it is not fine if we never accept them and never learn from them. If we learn from our mistakes, then we do not make that mistake again. 

When someone makes a mistake, then try to understand his situation. Ask him why he did this. Maybe he is going through a tough time and needs your attention. We may not be able to improve his situation, but we can support him.

It is very common to say that ‘It is not my fault. I just talked with him the way he talked with me.’ But try to think if he makes a mistake, then why are you making a mistake? Try to talk with him politely, he himself realizes his mistake.

If you are blaming others and they also blame you for the situation then you may also lose your loved ones. It is better to accept your mistake rather than losing your loved ones.

Try to take responsibility for what have you done and if you do not think it is your mistake, then take some time and analyze the whole situation but do not blame others. If someone hurts you, then try to analyze that he hurts you intentionally or unintentionally. If they do it intentionally, then just move on. Always remember sometimes things are just the way they are, we cannot do anything about it. We just have to accept the situation, should not blame others, and move on.


Posted: 04 Feb 2021

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