Stop Making Excuses

As we all know, what the meaning of an excuse is. Making excuses means to explain your behavior. We all make excuses in our life for anything. We all are incredibly creative for making excuses. 

Why do we make excuses?

We make excuses because we are lazy and try to delay the work or meetups or do not want to agree on anything. We didn’t want to go to school, then we make excuses ‘I have pain in my belly’ or any other excuse. Sometimes we make excuses with our friends, when they call us to meet up, then we make excuses ‘I am busy’, ‘I have to go somewhere else’.

When we feel fear, then we make excuses. Fear can be of failure, exposure, or making a mistake. We make excuses in the state of fear instead of accepting it because we want to live in our comfort zone. Accept what have you done before it’s too late.

When we have a lack of motivation or goals, then we make excuses for ourselves. Make a clear goal and try not to make excuses. If we are lack motivation, we will stick to excuses, and will not achieve our goal. For Example, sometimes we make excuses for ourselves, if we have work to do then we think ‘I have worked a lot today so I will do it tomorrow’.

Self-doubt is a reason where we make excuses. If we do not have self-confidence, then we think ‘I cannot do this’ before even trying. When we have a lack of self-confidence, then we also think about what people think about us? 

How to stop making excuses?

Learn from your Mistakes


         Try to learn from your mistakes. If you did something wrong, then accept that you have done it. All mistakes are the learning opportunity, so try to attain them. When we learn to accept our mistakes, we do not need to make excuses.

Small and Achievable goals

Set big goals and break them into small goals that can easily achievable. Work harder on the small goals and succeed so you can see the success. Small achievements can help you to stay motivated.

Stop Focusing on your weakness

When we focus on our weaknesses then we start making excuses. Try to think about the things you can do, and other people cannot do and focus on your strengths. It will help you to increase self-confidence. 

Should not stop trying

         If we want to change our attitude or any other habit, then we should not stop trying. It takes time. Sometimes, it takes months to change the habit. It may be too hard, but we should not give up. 

Stop Overthinking

When we start overthinking, then our mind starts making excuses. Stop overthinking and starts doing the work. 


          Start doing exercise so, you do not feel lazy. Exercise is very good for your mind and mood. If you start your day with exercise, then you feel relax. It can also reduce anxiety and depression. 

         If you want to improve your life, then stop making excuses. Do it now until it’s too late, you might not get any chance later.

Posted: 10 Jan 2021

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