Everyone has to go through struggles in his/her life. Life is the name of unpredictable happenings. We have to be ready for every situation. We can face difficulties, we can face hardships. No one in the world has only seen hardships of sadness in his life or who have only seen happiness in life. Life is the mixture of ups and downs, it’s the mixture of happy and sad moments, and it’s the mixture of successes and failures.  Different people react differently either in the same situations or different situations. Let’s discuss two types of people.

There is a person who is full of life, who always stay happy, who always wears a beautiful smile on his face. He handles everything with great patience and puts his best efforts not to react badly in situations. Whenever some bad happens to him, he tries to face it not to get saddened or depressed by it.

While on the other hand, there is a person who feels like there is no life left inside him, who is surrounded by darkness and only darkness, who become sad or depressed too soon. He doesn’t know how to handle situations. Whenever the same bad thing happens to him, he loses his sense of humor. He loses everything left inside him, he forgets to smile, and he feels like there will never be a happier moment in life. When he sees someone who is happy in his life, he starts to feel that life is only unfair to him that he is sad and others are happy.

The question comes to mind: Has the person who is smiling always and who stays happy all the time not seen any difficulties or bad time in his life? Has he never suffered any pain or loss in his life? Has he only seen happiness in life? Or: Has the person who is sad and tired of his life not seen any good thing in his life? Has he never enjoyed his life? Has he only seen sufferings in his life? Is his life a living HELL?

Definitely, No. All these questions lead to one single answer and that is a big NO. There is not a single person who has only seen happiness or who has only seen sadness, hardships, and difficulties. The fact is, everyone sees eases and difficulties, ups and downs in their life.

If it’s a fact that everyone has to go through difficult parts then why is one person always stay happy and the other sad more often than happy? If everything is the same then what’s making the difference? What is the thing that is differentiating two people that much?

Actually, it’s The HOPE. Hope is the only thing that is differentiating a happy soul from a sad soul. The person who is happy holds on to HOPE. The hope of happening something good in future. In his difficult time, he thinks that this is one phase of life and hopes that this too shall pass; he hopes that the difficult time is followed by a good time; he hopes that this will end soon, and he faces everything with a positive mind and with a hope of happening well. While the other person doesn’t hold on to hope, there is no hope inside him, instead of thinking that a good time will come soon he thinks that this difficult time will never end, he thinks that his life will only see downs and downs, he surrounds his with only negativities, he loses his power to compete with difficulties and becomes pessimist, this happens because he lacks in hope.

Hope is the major essence of life. Why is one person having hope and the other lacking in it? It’s because of FAITH. Hope and Faith are related to each other. Without Hope, Faith is not possible and without Faith, Hope is not possible. If a person doesn’t have faith, he can’t have hope. If you have faith then miracles will definitely happen. The person who is having Hope means that he has complete faith and trust and the person who lacks in Hope means that he is also lacking in Faith.

God has made us Humans, his best and highest of all creatures but we are making it worst by not having FAITH and HOPE. How could we not have faith or trust or hope? Why does our trust stagger? Why don’t believe in the phrase that “With every difficulty, there is ease”? Why are we ungrateful for the blessings of God and why we complain and get dishearten by our small failure or loss?

As a firm believer, we should have hope that everything will get better soon and we will see happier moments in our life. There is always light after darkness, there is always a morning sun that rises after the moon of every night. Just like day changes into night and then night changes into day, Season changes, the sorrows will also convert into happiness. Everything in the world works on the principle of Change. Don’t be sad or get depressed in your difficult time, don’t lose heart, just hope that this time will end soon, try to fight with your pains and sufferings with a positive and hopeful mind, you will soon see happiness in your life.

Become a SURVIVOR, not a VICTIM.

Posted: 09 Feb 2021

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