The Opposite World

We are living in a world where good things are considered as bad and bad things are considered as good, where evil, terrible and awful things are on trending and good things “Oh, come on these types of things ain’t gonna make us cool”. Sad to say but many of the people nowadays doing adverse activities because they think that they are up to date, by doing weird things makes them cool. They make fun of decent personalities who do not involve in these types of activities by saying them they are kids and we are grown-ups. Sadly our new generation is following them and their parents had no control over their children. If our new generation is not under control then "The End is Near".

Now, what are the reasons that many people are drowning themselves in bad activities? Well, there are many reasons for it but the most terrible issues or reasons are Social Media Platforms and Drugs/Smoking.

Social Media Platform

The question is why social media has a big impact on ruining our new generation? Well as we all know that in today’s world every kid loves to have mobile phones and almost in every house there is an android or other mobile phone. Most of the kids love to watch YouTube and on YouTube, we can see that religious channels are never trending as compared to roasting channels (In roasting channels YouTubers gains the attention of the community by degrading, insulting, and abusing other people).

So the thing is people will watch trending videos because trending things are always on the front screen whenever someone will open the application they will surely see the trending videos and in those videos, there is nothing but rubbish content and they called themselves So-Called Quality Content Creators. Humiliating other people don’t make their content good but sadly these roasters think that by disrespecting other people they are going to be cool. These roasting videos are nothing but cyberbullying. Sooner or later this should have to be stopped because our young generation will follow these nonsense personalities and they will stay away from religious activities.


Doing drugs and smoking is trending worldwide. It is considered that doing these things will make you cool. The first thing is if you do drugs and smoking please QUIT because this will lead you to death or if you can’t stop yourself from this stuff then for God's sake keep this to yourself, do not force anyone to do this. Sadly we are living in a society where if you do not do drugs or smoke then you are not a grown-up. The people will force you to do this and if you reject them they will make fun of you knowing about the fact that this is not a good act but “who cares”, we are living in an opposite worldJust because of this useless trend almost every kid above 10 years is holding cigarettes in their hands in front of tobacco shops. This problem is becoming bigger and bigger nowadays which is shameful.


Many people aren’t a part of this opposite world, they keep the distance from bad company and have control over themselves. But as the situation going on, this is becoming rare and rare because this is an opposite world and sadly people are becoming a part of this. People are just spending their lives doing such bad things and doing nothing productive, they are not focusing on the fact that

The End is Near

Posted: 07 Mar 2021

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Hello there! I loved the way you portrayed your ideas and beautifully described them. Great work keep it up! Can u plz tell me how to write articles on this website as even i am a content writer i tried "add post" And proceed but nothing happened.. Can u plz help me out
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Yep sure!
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First of all, Thank You for the compliment, You need to wait for the admin approval once you clicked on proceed. Your posts will be accepted soon.
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Good content but need a bit more improvement.. Keep it up.
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Alisha here is how to post,upload images and everything related to it. Go to this link
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Good one. Keep it up.
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Thank You everyone JazakAllah.
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Valid points.
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