They are always Late

Life is beautiful when people don’t point out your mistakes and leave you; when people will accept you by seeing good things in you rather than pointing out your mistakes; when people will try to correct your mistakes rather than leaving you in the dark, and when people will accept you in the way you are even if you have done thousands of mistakes in your life and did one good thing they will still accept you. Beautiful isn’t it? Yes, it is. Well, sad to say this, but it only happens in a parallel universe.

You may find this sarcastic but that’s my point of view. The question is why I am saying all this? Why do I have such a point of view?  Well, because that’s what I saw in this society and that’s what I’ve experienced and observed while living in this society. I have seen that people never forgive you for your mistakes, not even for your one little mistake, and forget all the good things you had done so far in your life because of just one little mistake. They ignore your 99 good things and pick your one bad thing over those 99 good things, they use one bad thing as an argument that will bring down you to death and when you die, the same people will say “Oh, He was a good man”. All they have will be regrets at that time because “it’s too late”.

For example, a person offers prayer five times a day and recites Quran daily. Once he argued outside the mosque with a person and in heat of the moment, he burst out and said something bad to that person. The people gathered around there will take note of that one bad word that comes from his mouth which happened in heat of the moment and will forget all the good things he has done in his entire life and starts saying bad about him, they will spread his one mistake in the whole area. This will have a bad impact on his respect as well as on his mental health. He may suffer from mental trauma, depression, and anxiety. And when he dies, people will say “Oh, He was a good man”. Then, they will start remembering his good actions towards a society which is no doubt a good thing but the time will not right, “it will be too late”.

The point is why don’t people appreciate the good things that the man/woman has done during his /her life cycle? Why don’t they encourage him/her during his life? They always point out the bad things of a person rather than appreciating the good ones. And when that certain person dies all the sympathies came from nowhere. The thing is we people are always late and this thing costs the life of a person. It’s always too late and this cycle continues. This has become the nature of the majority that we always become sympathetic towards the person when he/she will die.

Is there any solution? We know that everything is possible, but when something becomes nature either good or bad it becomes nearly impossible to resolve it. It’s the nature of society to ponder on bad things in humans and not appreciating their good actions while they are alive, because they are always late”. By having these habits you may lose a diamond so,

“Learn to appreciate what you have before

Time makes you appreciate what you had.”

Posted: 01 Mar 2021

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