We do talk a lot, we talk about many things but do we talk about all the things we should? Many of us, including me, will say YES in the answer to this question. But today I thought of a different point, I thought about the things we don’t mostly talk about. We all think that we talk about everything we should but the truth is actually “we don’t”. We talk about only those things or we do only those things, we want or which are in our favor or the things in which we are right and the others are wrong, we don’t talk about the things or we don’t do anything for the things we should, we don’t say a word when we are wrong and others are right. Other than that there are still many things we don’t talk about in which there is not any point of right or wrong, they are the things that should be talked about or that should be discussed.

We, being part of an independent country, call ourselves the people of our country. We say that we can do anything for our country but when the time comes, we just step back. We celebrate our independence day with a lot of enthusiasm, we sing national songs and give a lot of speeches about our country and we try to do the best things on that day but do we remain the same after Independence Day?

Sadly, No we don’t. Sorry to say that we just say that we love our country, we actually don’t. I’m not just saying it; I’m saying this because I have some reasons that will prove it like we say that we should keep our country clean but do we do our best to keep it clean? We do nothing for the betterment of our country, we don’t empower ourselves to say that we have done anything for our country. We know we are doing wrong, we are on the wrong path, and we should fulfill our duties toward our country BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT, WHY WOULD WE?

Let’s discuss another example of the things we don’t talk about. Whenever some terrific tragedy happens in our country, with the people of our nation, we share their grief which is a very good thing, we say that this tragedy has shaken us and we will never forget about it, and we say that we will do whatever we have to for not letting that type of tragedy again, but after some days we start to follow our old routine and forget it like nothing ever happened. When after one year, that day comes again, we post statuses or stories or posts on social media Apps with the caption “we haven’t forgotten that tragedy and we remained sad for that” for showing care but we should ask ourselves first that “Did we do what we thought we would do for avoiding this type of tragedy? We didn’t actually do what we were supposed to do BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT, WHY WOULD WE?

We say that our country is falling day by day, we say that our politicians are doing bad to our country or they are ruining it or they are not doing anything they should do for the betterment of our country, I know these thoughts are right but let me ask something from you all that “Are we doing anything for our country? Are we trying to make our country a better place? Are we helping the needy people on our own?”

When something unusual happens, we just come forward for blaming others, we don’t blame ourselves. We talk like we are perfect and we are doing many things for the people of our country, actually, we are not perfect, not even near to perfect, we don’t do anything for others, we do what’s good for us not for others BUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT, WHY WOULD WE?

We are not good for others, we are good for just ourselves, we don’t even try to help others in their time of need and we don’t do the things that we can for the betterment of our country and the good future of our mates. This is not a good thing, it’s not the behavior we should adapt for betterment, we should help others, and we should try to make our society or our country a better place to live. If we can do something for others or if we have enough resources that will help others then we should come forward and help others, we should try to meet the needs of the people who are in need or who are waiting for someone to help them, we should do things for the betterment of our country so that we can actually call ourselves a true nationalist.

Posted: 02 Feb 2021

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Thanks :)
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Completely agree with you. We have to change ourselves for the the betterment of our country.
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Aneeza exactly
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