Think Before you Speak!!

We believe that “Actions speak louder than the words” so we don’t bother to think before we speak. We have made the concept that we don’t have to think before we speak, & that words are nothing. Well, actually they are not, they are everything. Words have a great impact on everyone’s lives. Words can hurt someone or it can heal someone, words can make someone happy or it can make someone sad, words can make someone live a happy life or it can make someone end his/her life. The question that arises here is how they prove to be good or bad? How they make so much difference?

Well thinking before speaking makes a major difference. You often speak without thinking that can have dangerous effects, you can hurt someone unintentionally. You have made a concept that it is not important to think before you speak. It could be true but suppose when you face a situation in which you are talking to someone & he doesn’t know the meaning of what he’s talking about, then you will realize their importance. You need to ask yourself a question: Will you give respect to the one who doesn’t even know the meaning of his/ her words? Once you find the answer to this question, you will know the importance of thinking before speaking.

When you don’t know think before you speak, you will have no idea about its outcome. Sometimes we speak without thinking, you will regret later for your words and then there will be nothing left except apologizing. So isn’t it good for you to think before you speak?

For me, yes it is best to think before speaking or before doing anything. Make it your habit to think before you say anything. When you start to think before speaking, you will sound meaningful. You should mean what you say to others or what you are going to say to others. This will help in building your personality, in building a strong relationship with others, and you would not have to regret it later. Your words reflect your personality, they tell who you actually are, so try to say what you mean, it will result in a better lifestyle.

Whenever you are going to have words with someone, prepare your mind and yourself for any unexpected question or talk. Suppose you are talking to someone in a normal way & he suddenly asked you a question, you have to give the best answer to that question. So for giving your best, listen to them and try to understand what they are asking and after understanding, don’t just answer them without thinking but first think and then give them the proper logical answer. Think what will be the consequences of your words on the other person, think how that person will react after listening to your answer, think this answer will be helpful and true or not, imagine yourself in his place & ask yourself that what will be your reaction after this answer you are going to say, and then say what’s best.

You might think that it’s a long process and it will take time to think and because of this the other person will lose interest in the conversation. Well yes, it could happen but if you keep practicing and make it your habit, then it will hardly take a few seconds to think. If it is taking too much time to think then directly tell the other person that “Let me think for a while” and then give him the answer. So try your best not to hurt and dissatisfy others.

Posted: 06 Jan 2021

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