Top Skills to Learn in 2021

If you are looking to learn new skills online that can help you in earning money and becoming successful, then this blog is for you. I have listed some top skills that you could learn from the comfort of your home in this pandemic situation.



Drop Shopping is a form of retail store where the seller accepts the order and ships it to the buyer directly after purchasing it from a third party. In drop-shipping, the seller does not have to manage goods directly because they do not keep any product in stock. It is easy to start and requires less capital.


Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, a company hires someone to market its products and services. When a buyer purchases products or services from the link of an affiliate marketer then the marketer also gets the commission from that purchase. An affiliate marketer is just like a salesperson. As the demand for an affiliate marketer is increasing day by day, you should learn this skill.



E-commerce is the selling or buying of different things or services online or transferring funds, money, and data. You just have to post pictures or videos of that product or service on mobile apps, websites, or personal chats. Nowadays, people prefer to do shopping from home so learning E-Commerce could be beneficial for you.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is a famous method of connecting with the audience, marketing the product, increasing sales and website traffic. SMM includes content like images, videos, and text that holds the attention of the audience. You can start social media marketing after learning the skill of SMM.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps a webpage or website to improve the quantity and quality of website traffic from search engines. In other words, SEO increases the visibility of a website or webpage for relevant keywords. It improves organic traffic (non-paid traffic). SEO is a good skill to learn digital marketing.


Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is defined as creating ideas in visual form. Graphic Designing is totally about two things. One is Graphic and the other is Design. Graphic means “Visual” which is linked with the things related to art, expression, and imagination. Design is “The Pattern” that you have to choose for the look or function of something before making it. You can start Graphic Designing by watching different tutorials on YouTube.


Motion Graphics 

Motion graphics is the simple way of conveying complex messages in form of motion. The major components of motion graphics are text and images. It is the skill in which you can give a creative approach to your thought or message with the help of pictures, videos, text, and sounds. Micro Animation is another name of Motion Graphics. You can learn motion graphics by watching tutorials available on YouTube. If you learned this skill, you can become a freelancer and can earn money from it.


Web Development

Web development is the development or creation of websites or Web Apps. It starts from a single static page website and ends at a full complex website. It is one of the best skills that can help you earn a lot of money. Besides earning, if you are a web developer then you can construct a website for your own business. This is the skill you must learn. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube about Web Development but none of them are effective enough to make you a Professional Web Developer. I recommend you to Learn Web Development by joining Courses if you want to be a Professional Web Developer and want to earn a lot of money. Mentorsh is a Platform that offers a lot of Web Development Courses where all the instructors are highly qualified and professionals.


App Development (IOS Android)

It is the process of creating the Apps (both for android phones and iPhones) you daily see on the Play Store or iStore of your Mobile devices. You can either learn Android App Development or IOS App Development. For becoming Android App Developer, you should start to learn Kotlin, Java, and C++ Languages and if you want to become IOS Developer, you should start to learn Swift and C-Objective Languages. An App Developer can earn a lot of money by creating different apps. If you want to earn money then you should start finding App Development course for yourself and become professional.


Content Writing

It is the process of writing articles, blogs, and scripts for marketing purposes. Different Business owners hire content writers for the promotion or marketing of their Brand or Business. Content Writing requires good writing skills. For improving your writing skills, start to write your own thoughts and share them with others on different platforms available online. Sharing your thoughts with others and publishing them online not only makes you a good content writer but can also create your portfolio and you can use your published articles or posts as a Sample for a job or freelancing. Post4Everyone is like an online journal, it’s a platform where you can publish your thoughts and articles without paying anything to Owners.

Posted: 08 Apr 2021

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