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Track of Intelligent Personal Assistant's technology (An ove...

In early era of the computer, the only way to communicate with it is through mouse and keyboard’s instructions. User gives input and computer gives output through showing it on its monitor i.e. screen in form of text or any other graphical way of showing it through programming software. At that time, it was just a dream of us to give or take instructions to computer by listening and speaking. This dream comes true th...

(Posted 29 Dec 2020 By Rida )

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What is Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA)?

Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) is a term that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world which applies to the computer-simulated environment.

(Posted 22 Dec 2020 By Rida )

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Cyber-crime and its art crafts

Cybercrime is an act which is committed with the help of computer as a tool or target unlawfully. In cybercrime many traditional crimes such as fraud, defamation, mischief, theft and misery are involved. Cybercrime mainly categorized in two ways one is computer as weapon and second is computer as a target. Computer as weapon involves Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violation, cyber terrorism, credit card fraud...

(Posted 16 Dec 2020 By Rida )

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