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When we have a lot of work and tensions, then we need to relax. By relaxing ourselves, we can think much better. We are too busy for others and making money, but we do not spend time with ourselves. In this digital world, we do not have time to relax. Whenever we are free, we start scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook, Instagram, and many more. We think we are relaxing, but we are actually not relaxing. Social Media sites have many positive impacts on our society, but it also has bad impacts on our lives. These sites increase depression, stress level, loneliness, and insecurity. We think that our social media friends can live a better life than us, and we start spoiling our lives. We are too addicted to these social media sites. We forget to spend time with ourselves. Spend a minimum of 5-10 minutes daily with yourself. So, you can regain your energy and focus on your work.

Why relax?

When you feel headache and pain in the body. You see nightmares and having sleep problems. You feel an increase or decrease in appetite. You lost interest in productive work. You overreact to minor things or feel irritated every time.

How to relax?

Write your feelings

Write down your feelings daily and how you spend your day on your diary or smartphone or laptop’s notepad. Only pay attention to your feelings, not on grammar and other words.

Create a list

Create a list and write every good thing that happens to you. Focus on the good things rather than on bad things.

Breaths in and out

Taking slow and full breaths will help you to relax. Do it whenever you feel stressed. It is the easiest way to relax.

Physically relaxation

Physically relaxation will help your mind to relax. Relax your body. Sit or lay on the comfortable and soft bed or couch. Close your eyes and relax your muscles. Imagine you are in a place where you feel more relaxed. Feel all the sounds, sights, smell, and taste, and let your all tensions fade away. The more you imagine, the more you feel relax.

Link to Nature

Nature helps us to refresh our minds. It helps us to reduce stress levels and anxiety. It also increases pleasant feelings. Whenever you feel stressed, then go for a walk in the fresh air.


Try to do exercise daily. Also, try to eat healthy foods. It will improve your physical and mental health. It also improves sleep and mood.

Listen to the music

When you feel stressed, Just close your eyes put on your headphones, and listen to your favorite music.

.         If any relaxation technique does not help you, then try another technique.

Benefits of feeling relax

When you are feeling relaxed, then your ability of thinking increases, you can do better decisions when you are relaxing. You think more positively. Relaxing helps you to reduce anger, frustrations, and stress level. You sleep better. Your heartbeat rate decreases and less possibility of high blood pressure, heart diseases, mental diseases, and it also reduces pain.

Posted: 16 Jan 2021

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