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Greetings Everyone! I am a content writer. Will appreciate any type of criticism and feedback! Also, feedback on my writing skills will be highly appreciated!

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Patience- A Neglected Component of Success:

Brief and concise writing that highlights the importance of patience in success. Happy Reading! Overview Of The Content: Everyone wants success in their lives. The success stories of others also fascinate a lot. One and all want themselves to be on the list of “successful men”. For this, one works hard and faces ups and downs. But in this “journey”, most people forget that this is an unpaved way. Their way is going...

(Posted 16 Mar 2021 By Ayesha_Majeed )

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Women's Role In Pakistan

A brief and descriptive overview of Women's Role in Pakistan. Overview of the Content: All around the world, every single role of women is praised. The door of opportunities is now wide open for them. Women are utilizing such opportunities and are engaged in making their nation proud. Especially in Covid-19, the women’s role as a health worker is worth-mentioning. In order to commemorate the distinguishable role o...

(Posted 08 Mar 2021 By Ayesha_Majeed )

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Promoting "Free writing" among Elementary School Students

Willing to enhance the "Hidden Abilities" of your students or of yourself? Then free-writing is the best approach! The importance and drawbacks, both perspectives are covered in this article. Enjoy Reading! Overview of the Content: Freewriting is defined by different people in different definitions and methods. However, all the great authors and writers of every age, era, and region take this practice as “ a one-s...

(Posted 06 Mar 2021 By Ayesha_Majeed )

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